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FSC® Certified



In 2008, Metzgers earned the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) chain-of-custody certification for contributing to responsible forestry practices. FSC maintains the highest and most comprehensive standards for the responsible management and use of forests and forest products.

Forest Stewardship Council certification establishes a chain of custody to certify that paper and other wood products come from foresters who adhere to strict environmental and socioeconomic standards. FSC-certified companies complete a rigorous examination of procurement procedures to be able to guarantee that their products originated in well-managed forests.

FSC certification serves as a promise to our customers that Metzgers is committed and responsive to our planet’s environmental concerns. It allows us to support responsible forest management and offer our customers the unique assurances that come along with these FSC programs.

FSC products are available on request.

Solar Energy



Being good stewards of planet Earth takes more than reducing, reusing and recycling, although they certainly help. We took a few more steps. In 2010, Metzgers added 10,000 square feet of solar panels to the roof of our Arco Drive building to reduce energy costs associated with operating our printing business 24/7. The panels provide roughly 13% of our annual electricity.

And we have to admit...they look pretty sweet too.




Our "three R's" are reduce, reuse, and recycle. In our daily printing operations, our staff looks for ways to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

We recycle:

Waste sheets for the pre-press operations and all trimmed paper post-press

Waste inks

Metallic printing plates

Cans, bottles, and paper collected by the staff

We reduce and reuse:

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in our daily operations. VOCs are chemicals classified by the EPA and other regulatory bodies as harmful to the air, soil and water. Many also contribute to global warming. The printing industry works to find greener printing solutions, eliminating VOCs from inks and coatings, and Metzgers embraces these practices.

We use soy and vegetable-based inks, substitute standard varnishes with aqueous coatings, and replace film and chemistry with digital pre-press operations.

Where VOCs are still used, both liquids and vapors are captured and reused. Once we've maximized the usage of the materials, the remainder is sent to a recycler or an EPA-certified disposal site.


Metzgers proves that a company can be aggressively green and thrive as a business. We’re dedicated to helping our customers achieve the same goals.

Here are a few ways to move your printing toward green:

  • Select recycled paper stock instead of new paper, and specify chlorine-free papers
  • Specify soy or vegetable inks for offset printing, and request low-VOC toner for digital printing jobs
  • Replace classic varnishes with bio-degradable alternatives, using aqueous coatings when possible
  • Avoid over-estimating quantities of literature, especially if the content is time-sensitive and would need to be thrown out when it's no longer useful
  • Recycle excess stock and waste paper

It's easy to be green! Check out our video on Going Green, and contact us to learn more about greener printing options for your next project.

Environmental Policy



Metzgers is committed to maximizing our printing and mailing business in an environmentally-conscious manner, and helping our customers do the same. We will continue this commitment in the future, seeking and adopting new practices that minimize waste, reduce consumption of vital resources, and develop long-term sustainability practices.

This effort includes:

  • Conserving natural resources
  • Reducing energy usage, especially from non-renewable sources
  • Recycling, reducing and re-using as many resources as possible
  • Minimizing waste, including paper and water
  • Ensuring that the paper we use comes from organizations that practice sustainable forestry

In recognition that these sustainability practices also represent wise business practices, we pledge to make sustainability a core principle of the Metzgers organization, now and in the future.

More on Metzgers Green Printing Initiative

Metzgers is Green & Sustainable
Metzgers is Green & Sustainable



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