Connie Flahie

Connie Flahie

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Manager - Fulfillment - Mom Squad

Connie started with Metzgers as the first member of the Mom Squad back in 1998 when her youngest son started school. After the first year she was hooked and became full time in 1999.

Connie enjoys working with the Mom Squad which has now grown to 35 on call employees. She also enjoys helping customers realize the wide variety of fulfillment projects the Mom Squad can do.

Connie loves working with her brothers (Tom and Joe Metzger) and being a part of the changes the family business has gone through since their father retired.

Connie lives in Waterville with her husband Jim and son Ryan. She has an older son Sean and daughter Kerry who have both recently married and added two more to the family.

She enjoys reading, baking and going out to dinner at her favorite Mexican restaurant.

What has been your most memorable holiday?

If I had to pick one holiday that I like the most it would be Thanksgiving because I am very thankful for the wonderful family I have been blessed with. I enjoy hosting the Thanksgiving dinner each year in my home so that I can cook for everyone.

What is something not many people know about you?

I love baking so much that I have a double oven in my kitchen so that I can bake cookies faster. My dream was always to open a “cookie bakery”. Since that dream never became a reality I just take pleasure in baking for others.

If you could eat only three foods, what would they be?

Loma Linda’s nachos, Loma Linda’s enchiladas, and Loma Linda’s strawberry margaritas! Nothing better!

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by one of the ladies who works on the Mom Squad, Fran Darcy. We call her the “Queen Mum” of the Mom Squad. She is 83 years old and can still work every day.

She never complains and always has a smile on her face and advice to give.

List (6) six key words that best describe you:

  • Family
  • Chocolate
  • Faith
  • Nurturer
  • Multi-Tasker
  • Organized



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