John Luscombe

John Luscombe

Phone: 419.724.4820

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Vice President

John truly cares about his clients and takes pride in making their success a priority. With more than 20 years experience with Metzgers, John is able to create a collaborative experience and build long-lasting relationships.

He consults with clients to understand their marketing challenges and opportunities and provides solutions to meet their printing, mailing or web storefront needs.

John attends the Graph Expo in Chicago annually, to stay informed on current trends and technology. He is a member of the Toledo Ad Club. He graduated from the University of Findlay with a Degree in Communications, with an emphasis in Marketing.

Born and raised in the Toledo area, John enjoys living in Northwest Ohio with his wife and 3 beautiful daughters.

Do you have any hidden talents?

No, but I do have one thumb that is 1/2” shorter than the other. Ask me to show you.

If you won $50 million in the lottery, how would you spend it?

  • Pay off all of Metzgers loans for Tom and Joe. Seriously, I would!
  • Pay off the homes of all of my family members.
  • Retire early so I could figure out what charities I would want to make a difference with

If you had three wishes granted by a genie, what would they be?

  • Give my sister the gift of perfect vision.
  • Bring back deceased loved ones.
  • Cure for cancer.

Would you Rather get tased or go one round with a boxing champ?

Without question tased! Get it over quickly with and move on to what I need to be doing.

List (8) eight key words that best describe you:

  • Energetic
  • Caring
  • Polite
  • Tennis
  • Husband
  • Honest
  • Thorough
  • Ohio State



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