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Packaging Reference Catalog

Got designs on three-dimensional packaging? Whether it's the size of a shoe box, or as big as an endcap display, we use our computer-aided design (CAD) capabilities to transform an idea into a package that promotes your product or service. It's easy to get started with:

  • Package prototypes
  • Package testing
  • Short-run custom boxes (for quantities of 25 to 500)

With our personalized and custom kits, we can create, assemble and distribute special kits for your sales team, product launch, or new business development, or to welcome a new customer. And when you need it, we can scale-up your short order to mass production. The possibilities are endless, and our CAD Reference Catalog is a great idea starter. We want you to have it – the download is free! Just click the icon.

Download Metzgers CAD Reference Guide PDF



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