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Metzgers Solutions

People come to Metzgers because we can help them with more than just printing services.

Metzgers offers a wide array of business solutions, including:

Printing Services

Digital. Offset. Brochures. Catalogs. Letters. Business cards. Letterhead. Folders. Calendars.

If you want ink on paper, plastic, cardboard, wood or vinyl, we can print it for you.

We also offer variable-data printing, so you can personalize your printed materials to coordinate with the names on your mailing list.

Mailing Services

Not only will we print your collateral, we'll mail it for you, too. Simply give us your mailing list. We'll print onto collateral or envelopes, apply postage and send your branded materials on their merry way to mailboxes around the neighborhood or across the globe.

We'll even maintain your mailing list for you, removing listings that are returned-to-sender.


You know what you need and when you need it, and our eServices solutions give you the power to control your projects at will.

You can order new, personalized business cards and like materials with a few clicks of your mouse.

We can build personalized microsites so you can track direct mail response rates.

We can even build you a brochure distribution portal that sends a personalized, customized brochure to visitors who fill out forms on your website.

Promotional Products

Promotional products are an incredibly effective marketing tool. They create feelings of good will and increase positive brand association and brand recognition. Promotional products also give your audience the opportunity to promote your brand, just by using a logoed pen or wearing an embroidered golf shirt.

Our promotional products team will help you develop a killer plan that will generate positive ROI for years to come.

Creative Services

Need help bringing your big idea to life? Have a marketing goal in mind, but aren't sure how to achieve it? Our creative team can help. We'll consider all your goals and ideas and brainstorm on the best, most economical solutions.



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Toledo, OH 43607-2906

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