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Creating Custom Signage for Your Company

When it comes to custom signage for a company, there is plenty of opportunity to think big. Wide-format printing allows you to let your creativity run free—and bring ideas to life on a larger scale! With a wide variety of techniques, print materials and possibilities, your company isn’t limited to a standard sign or directory outside your building.

 Some of the materials that can be customized include:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Banners (Canvas, Greyback Anti-Curl, Ultima Pro®)
  • Displays (Foam-cor®, Gatorboard®, Plexiglas®/Acrylic, Sintra®/Komatex®, Styrene)
  • Wall Graphics (Phototex®, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Vinyl)
  • Temporary Signs, Posters and Framed Prints (Poster Paper)
  • P.O.P. (Corrugated Paper, Coroplast, Dibond®, Foam-cor®, Gatorboard®, Plexiglas®/Acrylic, Sintra®/Komatex®, Styrene)

Unique Ways to Use Custom Signage

There are several benefits of adding custom wall graphics, signage and more to your space—including a permanent display of your unique designs and branding. And there are no limitations!

If your company needs a way to brighten up a dull room, share its story or even make a building easier to find, the experts at Metzgers can help! Read on for some of examples of successful custom signage. 

Restaurant Design

When customers walk into your restaurant, what do they expect? Delicious food, excellent customer service—and an atmosphere that fits the mood they’re in!

Custom signage can help set the mood in your restaurant, fitting the environment you would like to create for your customers. Whether you want your location to be formal, laid-back or energetic and fun, custom signage that enhances the design of your restaurant can help give off the perfect vibe.

restaurant signage Metzgers

Metzgers created a unique design for Bubble Tea that matched the Balance Pan-Asian Grille brand and set the tone for a fun, laid-back environment.

Not only can we help with a restaurant’s interior design—but we’ve got you covered for much more. Metzgers can help with all company materials, from dinner menus to your food truck and delivery vehicles!

custom vehicle wrap Metzgers

Balance Pan-Asian Grille also chose Metzgers for their vehicle wraps—matching their delivery vehicles to the company brand.

Company Waiting Rooms and Entrances

Every corporation has a story. How are you sharing yours?

Your waiting room and entrances offer a great opportunity to further connect with your audience. Adding a timeline, or other important historical events, to a lobby or doorway not only makes it visually appealing—but it also helps share the history of your brand with those who matter to you. If you want to make a positive first impression on a client, our wall graphics can do just that.

Your company can share its story and display its uniqueness with a vinyl print, similar to wallpaper, or even dimensional designs that utilize mounted Plexiglas. 

custom wall graphics timeline Metzgers

Betco wanted to share their company history with this set-up in their entrance lobby. Images and copy were printed on Plexiglas and Sintra and mounted at different levels.

Setting Your Building Apart

Custom signage on any part of your building not only makes things easier for guests to understand, but also helps set your company apart from others.

What types of graphics and signage could you use to stand out among the rest? 

Indoor and Outdoor Signage

Indoor signage, displaying your company logo and/or tagline, are simple installations for your business. A high-quality sign can help brand your entire facility while adding some color and décor to any room. Indoor signage is typically mounted, providing customizable options for dimension, size and color.

custom wall graphics Metzgers

This sign was created using Die-bond, Plexiglas and Sintra, displaying the brand in a clean-cut display.

How are you directing visitors around your facility? Do they know where to park, and can they easily find the building they’re looking for? Having an exterior sign and directory is vital—especially if your complex is large or made up of more than one branch or building.

And don’t worry—the experts at Metzgers will help you choose the correct materials for your outdoor signage so that they can withstand any type of weather.

custom signage Metzgers

Our exterior Metzgers signage, featuring a dimensional design, was produced and installed in-house.

Glass, Door and Wall Graphics

Adding décor to your building doesn’t always need a specific purpose! Our colorful graphics created with wide-format printing can add character to any dull room, helping guests who visit your location feel right at home.

When bringing clients, new students or even employees in to your conference room, the last thing you want to do is give them the wrong impression of your company with blank, white walls. Wall graphics of your logo and other branded designs make your company stand out amongst competitors—and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

custom graphics Libbey glass

Libbey’s bright, painted wall feature a vinyl-cut, simple design. Metzgers can print these to match any Pantone® (PMS) color of your choice.

The same can be said for uninteresting doors and windows. You can add unique designs for guests to view on their way in—and their way out! Whether you run a small shop and simply want your brand name on a glass door, or you want to have fun with more of your interiors, the possibilities with these graphics are endless.

restaurant signage Toledo

Hensville features vinyl application on their glass doors and windows. Faux etched glass logos were used as well, which can be applied to either side of glass and be read in either direction.  

Custom Company Signage at Metzgers

No matter what branded visuals your company is interested in installing, Metzgers can help you get custom signage in the most cost-efficient way. Our experts work with you to choose the best layout, designs and materials—all while staying within your company budget.

Are you interested in adding some character to your business location(s) with signage, wall graphics, vehicle wraps and more? Contact a Metzgers account manager by calling 419.861.8611 today!

Offset or Digital Printing: Which Method Should I Choose?

Your project is ready to send to print, but now you need to decide which method will work best for the task at hand. How do you know whether you should go with offset or digital printing?

What Are Offset and Digital Printing?

Offset printing is a technique that uses a plate and a rubber blanket to transfer an image to a printing surface, while digital printing uses laser or inkjet printers to transfer an image directly to a variety of media.

While these are both effective printing techniques, they each have their select areas of strength depending on the goals you have in mind. Learn the differences between each printing method, and which will be the best fit for your project!


Ready to kickstart your project with offset or digital printing? Contact a Metzgers account manager at 419.861.8611 to get started!

Embossed and Debossed Printing

When it comes to creating professional printed pieces such as business cards, formal invitations or certificates, you may feel that your creativity is limited due to the nature of the job. While you might not be able to have as much artistic freedom with these prints, there are several ways to make your final piece visually interesting without “overdoing it.” 

'Embossed Debossed

In this scenario, our printing experts will often recommend embossed or debossed printing, as the designs can be anything from simple to complex. Learn more about embossing and debossing, and how these techniques can make an impact on the quality of your work!

What is Embossed Printing?

Embossing is a technique used to raise a design onto your choice of paper, or other materials such as vinyl or leather, after they are printed.

The embossing process begins with the creation of a metal die and counter-die (or “male and female” dies) of your logo, image or artwork. These dies are used to transfer an image onto your materials. Depending on the strength of the metal used to create your dies, they can be reused on different print jobs for a significant amount of time.

During an emboss, the printed material fits between the die and counter-die. With the combination of heat and pressure, an exact copy of your design is pressed into the material, resulting in an embossed print. This method can be combined with other techniques as well, applying ink or foil to the raised area. However, if the design is left as is, it is called a blind emboss.

While creating an embossing die is typically a one-time expense, it can add production time and charges to your printing process. Ask your Metzgers account manager for details on the timeline of your design and related cost.

embossed printing

What is Debossed Printing?

Debossing is essentially the opposite of embossing, leaving a depressed imprint of your design in the material of your choice. Your design is printed directly on the material so that the area around the die impression can be raised, rather than raising the logo or image itself.

The debossing process begins the same way as embossing—with the creation of a die and counter-die of your desired image, logo or design. Debossing can also be done with or without ink, and in combination with other printing techniques such as foil stamping or offset printing.

As mentioned, be sure to ask your Metzgers account manager for further details on cost and design timeline.

embossed debossed printing

Embossing or Debossing: Which to Choose?

The technique you decide to use will depend on what you want your final product to look like, and at times, the type of material you wish to emboss or deboss. With either technique, a designer has the ability to be as creative as they’d like! Simple or complex, the method of impressing of depressing an image onto your materials can have a striking impact on your final product.

In addition to emboss and deboss printing, our account managers are available to help you organize any project you have in mind—with your goals and budget taken into consideration! If you would like recommendations, or have any questions about embossing and debossing, contact the experts at Metzgers by calling 419.861.8611.


Foil Stamping vs. Metallic Ink Printing

Adding visual interest to your printed piece can be achieved in a variety of ways—and the chosen application often depends on the type of piece and the established budget.

When our clients express interest in adding depth and texture to their printed pieces, whether they’re business cards or folders, our printing experts often recommend either foil stamping or metallic ink printing. 

Foil Stamping  

Foil stamping is a specialty process in which heat and pressure are applied to a metallic paper (foil), enhancing the visual interest of the piece. There are a variety of foils used in this process, varying in color, finish and optical effects.

The most common type of foil used in specialty printing is metallic foil, commonly seen in gold, silver, copper and other colors. Holographic foils are also available, consisting of intricate designs or patterns which can help to further set the piece apart.

Foil stamping can be applied to as much, or as little, of the piece as desired.  

Foil stamping

To showcase Severstal’s pickle line system in an engaging manner, foil stamping was used to outline the equipment on the cover of the brochure. The technical components of the equipment were described in detail within the inner pages of the piece. 

Metallic Ink Printing

Similar to foil stamping, metallic ink also brings a ‘shine’ to your print projects—but at a reduced cost!

Metallic ink consists of tinted varnishes with metallic particles. Depending on the type of metallic ink used (leafing or non-leafing) the ink is applied to the paper and begins to dry, the metallic particles either rise to the surface or sink down.

Since metallic ink is printed directly on the surface of your printed piece, there are some limitations associated with the paper you may choose. For example, metallic ink cannot be applied to uncoated stock, as it will lose its shine. Silver metallic ink printed on uncoated stock will simply appear grey. 

Metallic ink printing

Metallic inks were used in the printing of the Syneron Candela Aesthetic Practice Consultant workbook, enhancing the visual interest on the exterior of the workbook, as well as the interior pages.

When to Choose Foil Stamping vs. Metallic Ink Printing

There are both benefits and limitations to foil stamping and metallic ink printing. As you design your print project and decide which option best suits your needs, there are four things to keep in mind.

1. Detail

If your design consists of very fine, intricate lines, your best option is metallic ink printing.

During foil stamping, an actual piece of foil must be cut and then applied to the paper, limiting the ability to “hold” fine lines. Since metallic ink is printed directly on the paper just like any other ink, it can maintain the detail of your design.

2. Variety

Metallic inks can be mixed to create an incredible variety of colors. There are many colors of foils available, but range of foil colors isn’t as extensive as the range of metallic inks.

3. Impact

When it comes down to it, foil stamping is the process that provides the most impact. Whether it’s used to make your logo “pop” on a folder, or as the main element on the cover of a brochure, foil stamping will help you catch the eye of your audience.

4. Budget

While foil stamping provides the greatest impact, it is associated with a higher cost than the metallic ink alternative. If you’re not sure which printing process can meet your goals—and stay within budget—consult with your printing company to learn what the cost difference is.

Starting Your Project

As you go through the process of choosing which specialty printing process is best for your project, getting advice from a printing expert can help tremendously.

Metzgers account managers are available to offer recommendations for your specific project. Our team will work with you—taking your vision, goals and budget into consideration—and finding the best option to meet your needs.

Get in touch with a Metzgers account manager by visiting our contact page, or by calling 419.861.8611, and receive the guidance you need. 

Web-to-Print Storefronts: Creation, Customization & Implementation

DOWNLOAD the ‘Web-to-Print Storefronts: Creation, Customization and Implementation’ guide.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the tasks of tracking inventory and ordering company-branded materials could be managed in one place?

With a web-to-print storefront, you have the power to customize and order products 24/7. This online system is the fastest and most cost-efficient option for your business—leaving the days of paying last-minute order fees behind!

If you’re wondering what you can do with a customized web-to-print storefront—and what benefits it can provide your company and its employees—our downloadable guide has the answers.

creating a web-to-print storefront

 The Benefits of Web-to-Print Storefronts

Our guide can help answer any questions you have about what a web-to-print storefront is used for and how it can be utilized. We even provide information about customization, preferences and examples of when it can come in handy!

Overall, having a web-to-print storefront enables your company to:

  • Increase Order Accuracy
  • Decrease Excess Inventory
  • Cut Down on the Cost of Materials and Rush Fees
  • Take Advantage of Flexibility
  • Customize Your Platform
  • Utilize a One-Stop Shop


After reading our guide, you’ll have a good understanding of what a web-to-print storefront is—and hopefully be inspired to outline a plan for your company. We can ensure that being able to order everything you need in one place will be convenient, cost-effective and efficient!

Interested? Download our web-to-print storefronts guide!

To start customizing your web-to-print storefront, contact a Metzgers account manager at 419.861.8611!




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