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Using Pop-Up Displays at Your Trade Show

Banner ImageAre you going to a trade show or other community event? In a sea of booths, you have to draw people to your area so you can share information about your products and services. You can’t reach them if they never come near you.
Have you ever considered pop-up displays? Commonly found in supermarkets, these wide-format printed products can draw attention and create excitement in any venue. Here are a few ways you can use pop-up displays to set yourself apart in the crowd at your next corporate event.
A Photo Op
Does your company have a mascot? Pop-up displays make utilizing him at the next conference easy. A giant foam core stand-up mascot near your booth not only generates buzz throughout the venue, it brings attendees right to you, as they’ll likely want to snap a few photos. Metzgers can print your brand’s most recognizable icon on foam core or similar products up to 1.8 inches thick and precision cut the image so visitors will see the character, not jagged edges or extra white space. You’ll get more visitors to your table, and they’ll get a fun photo to take home.
A Hands-On Replica 
People want to see your product and hold it in their hands. But, if your company builds large objects or manufactures microscopic parts, bringing an actual product to demonstrate might not be an option. Pop-up displays can help you put a model of your product in people’s hands. You can reduce a giant product to fit on a table, or blow up a tiny product so potential customers can easily see all of its components. And at Metzgers, we can use different levels of thickness on one piece for a 3-D effect that lets your trade show audience experience a close facsimile of your product, even if they can’t see the actual item. You could even toss it to them without fear of breaking. Don’t try that with the real thing!
A Unique Banner
Everyone at the trade show will have the familiar flat banner. You could, too. Or, you could create a banner that sticks out — literally. Metzgers can create a custom pop-up display of your logo or company name using a variety of thicknesses. When trade show attendees scan the room, your booth will stand out, and they'll be drawn to you.
Let us show you what pop-up displays can do for your business. Contact us for more information at (419) 861-8611.

The Importance of Choosing Paper

Paper TypesYou put a lot of thought into your company's brand. You know the message you want your brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, and other marketing materials to send, and you've made sure the language in them conveys it precisely.

But with all the work you've put into crafting the perfect marketing campaign, you may have overlooked one seemingly small detail that can make a huge difference: The paper your materials are printed on.

The paper you choose says a lot about your brand. Making the wrong choice can send messages you don't want to send. For example, as Sabine Lenz wrote in an article on independent online paper database, a nonprofit that sends out a glossy, expensive-looking mailing for a fundraiser may give off the impression that they are doing well and can get by just fine without a donation. Similarly, a company that wants to associate its brand with luxury does itself a disservice when it chooses a thin, flimsy, low-quality paper.

Here are some things to consider when choosing paper.

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Metzgers A Top North American Printer, 4th Consecutive Year

Top 400 Printers In North AmericaMetzgers Printing & Mailing has again earned a spot on the Printing Impressions 400—a list of the top commercial printers in North America for 2013, based on annual sales volume. This marks the company's fourth consecutive annual appearance.

Printers from throughout the U.S. and Canada voluntarily provide relevant financial information to Philadelphia's Printing Impressions, a leading trade periodical publishing the results. Metzgers climbed 39 positions in the latest ranking, a significant gain. The diverse array of products and services available from Metzgers has contributed greatly to the company's continued success despite significant challenges facing the print industry in recent years.

Common Misconceptions about Going 'Paperless'

With words like "green" and "eco-friendly" everywhere you look, more and more companies are pledging to "go paperless," moving most of their communication online, printing fewer brochures, pamphlets, and other marketing materials, and viewing emails online instead of printing them.

But how much is that really helping them go green?

Could it actually be harming them?

Paper companies have gotten a bad rap as more and more people tout the virtues of going paperless. But in reality, paper is one of the greenest products you use in your office every day.

Take a look at your desk right now. What do you see that's biodegradable? Your computer? Your phone? That cup of pens? Not a chance. The stacks of paper on your desk, however, will biodegrade.

Because paper comes from trees, which, once replanted, take time to grow, there's a huge emphasis on reducing paper consumption to save them. But even completely eliminating the use of paper won't save the trees. They will still be used for wood products, from the poles that hold the telephone wires you use every day, to the wood beams holding up your house.


Metzgers Expands into Canada With Recent Mailing Campaign

Metzgers, a Toledo-based printing and fulfillment company, has expanded its services into Canada with a recent partnering with international mailing providers MSI Worldwide and Landmark Global.

The pairing began when Metzgers was chosen by leading global marketing research company TNS Global to coordinate and handle the shipping of samples of a new breakfast cereal product to 1,280 Canadian homes.

The cereal product trial dictated that participants try the product for an entire week before taking an online survey, so the samples needed to be shipped out quickly.

Metzgers worked with two of its global logistics partners to secure a timely, cost-effective shipping solution which would meet the client's needs. They quickly determined a hybrid service would be most effective, given the scope and demographics tied to the project. As a result, Metzgers met pricing demands and was able to track the packages through every step of the process from pick-up, customs release to final delivery, ensuring they arrived on schedule to the correct locations.

The move marks Metzgers' entrance into the international fulfillment market. Learn more about Metzgers services here.




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