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The Permanence of Print

Vinyl to digital

I’m what most would consider a fairly serious fan of music. I will listen to some classical, but my deepest appreciation begins around 1946 with bebop and comes to an abrupt halt, with very few exceptions, around 1990. I had spent most of the Eighties listening to one “alternative” form of music or another, but when Alternative became permanently capitalized, that pretty much spelled the end for me, and I have been in a sort of musical suspended animation ever since.   

I’ve got a Victrola in the living room, and one in the basement. I’ve got an authentic 1970s “Pioneer and Advents” stereo setup upstairs for listening to most things, but I also have a little tube portable phonograph for playing 78 rpm originals. You get the idea—I’m a nerd. Anyway, last weekend I accidentally overwrote my iTunes library. (Don’t worry, that will never happen to your graphics files at Metzgers.)  After re-importing 26,000+ songs, I found that I was missing several hundred album art images.  This got me to thinking about the long-term fragility of digital files (whether audio or visual), and eventually led me to a deeper consideration of the permanence and stability of print.


Metzgers wins Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics

Toledo BBB Torch Award 2013 The BBB of Toledo has selected Metzgers Printing & Mailing as a recipient of the 2013 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. The award was presented to Tom Metzger at a special recognition banquet on November 6th.

In his acceptance speech on behalf of Team Metzgers, Tom Metzger shared the story of his father and company founder, Norb Metzger. "My dad operated business on a handshake, and his handshake was as good as gold. Today long contracts and complex legal documents can build a sense of distrust in business, yet we still want to do business on a handshake whenever possible. If we say it will be this price, and it will be delivered at that time... it will."

Innovation and integrity were cornerstones of business for Metzgers at its inception. Today, management and employees build upon those same core values, holding themselves to the highest standards as the company continues to grow and expand.

Metzgers was founded in 1976 as a type house. The family business now provides offset & digital printing, mailing & fulfillment, promotional products & wearables, wide format signage, displays, and point of purchase graphics, as well as extensive warehouse & distribution services, cross-media services and custom eStorefront solutions.

With over 100 employees—including more than 35 with ten years of service or more—Metzgers prides itself on innovation, curiosity, and learning, as shown by the Metzgers Education Center housed in one of three expansive buildings. The Metzgers campus on Arco Drive in Toledo totals over 125,000 square feet of office, lab, and warehouse space.

Metzgers supports local, regional and national charity organizations including the American Cancer Society, Foundation for Life, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, University of Toledo Foundation, and many others.

Advertising in a tough economy: The Kellogg’s and Post story

Bowl of CerealIn difficult financial climates, you may think advertising and marketing budgets are a great place to slash budgets and reduce costs. But before you do that, you should consider this story from The New Yorker.

It's about one of the most famous brand rivalries in history: The feud between cereal makers Post and Kellogg's.

You see, in 1929 the two companies were in a close race to control the relatively new breakfast cereal market. Though it had been around for decades, most Americans were just beginning to see dry cereal as a viable alternative to other breakfast staples such as oatmeal and Cream of Wheat. So no one knew how demand would be impacted by any economic downturn, much less the Great Depression that struck that year.

After the stock market crash, Post did the predictable thing: it slashed expenses, especially in advertising. But Kellogg's reacted differently. They doubled their advertising budgets, branching out into new media, like radio, and soon created friendly characters Snap, Crackle and Pop to push Rice Krispies.

The result? Four years later, even amid the worst financial crisis in American history, Kellogg's saw its profits rise by 33 percent. And as a result of all that advertising, they became what they are today — the dominator in the breakfast cereal industry. When you think "cereal," you probably think of a Kellogg's brand or character first.

Kellogg's success occurred despite the lack of physical difference between their product and that of their rival. In fact, before breakfast cereal companies started coloring puffs of wheat and rice with artificial dyes and coating them in sugar, the products offered by Kellogg's and Post were nearly identical in every respect.

So what does this teach us? Slashing advertising costs may help balance your books, but it could hurt you in the long run. Think of advertising as an investment in your brand's future, as well as a way to move product in the present. Customers may buy less during a recession, but it's still worth the investment to shape their buying habits when tough times end. You'll see the benefits months, years and decades from now.

A Printer’s Poem

We love this Printer's Poem because it explains how printers shape your brand's image with every bit of ink. Click the photo to see a full-sized version of the poem.

Click to enlarge










Printing on Acrylic: The clear choice

Printing on AcrylicPrinting is so much more than words on paper.

At Metzgers, we have the ability and equipment to tackle every printing job you can imagine. And that includes what we print on. Have you ever thought about using reverse-printed transparent items to market your company? Here are some ways Metzgers can use acrylic to send your brand's message.

Signage: Acrylic can help your business' message stand out...literally. The three-dimensional quality of acrylic signs can draw attention more than a standard flat sign. They're also more durable than paper or fabric signs. And their versatility makes them the perfect fit for high-scale décor. You may not want to use a vinyl sign in your front lobby, but an acrylic sign adds class to your décor while reinforcing your brand image.

Photos: Bored with standard signs around the office? What if your décor could help tell your brand's story? Ever thought of a large acrylic portrait of your founders in the hallway? Photos of your products used as coasters in the conference room? Pictures are worth a thousand words. Metzgers can help turn any of your photos into marketing tools for your company.

Nameplates: Ditch those uninspired wood or metal nameplates. How about unique acrylic ones? In addition to names and titles, they can also sport your company's logo and slogan, reinforcing your brand's core messages to anyone who visits an employee's office.

Furnishings: Could your office doors display your company's slogan? Could the table in your board room list your best-selling products? Why not? Your office is a great place to market yourself, especially if you want to retain existing customers and sell them new products. Acrylic printing helps turn any surface into an opportunity to advertise your brand.

Got other ideas for acrylic? We'd love to hear them. Let us know how we can help turn your vision into reality. Contact us today!

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