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The Joy of Cookies

(Article and images originally published on the Toledo Blade site - Original Post)

By Daniel Neman
Blade Food Editor

Almondina founder Yuval Zaliouk with his almond biscuits during production at the YZ Enterprises, Inc. cookie factory in Maumee.TOLEDO, OH - February 21, 2012 - The cookie itself resembles a thin biscotti, though perhaps with more almonds. The story of how it came to be made spans a century, beginning in what was then called Palestine, weaving a musical route through Europe -- with a stop in England for love -- and then winding up in Maumee after a long interlude with the Toledo Symphony.

At the beginning of the story is Dina Nathanson, a French-trained chef who lived in Haifa in what is now Israel. More than 80 years ago, she developed a recipe for what she called petit gateau sec, which is French for "little dried cakes." They were an instant hit with her family, friends, and neighbors.


Steve Szirotnyak: Good Neighbor

Colony TheatreI Know This Guy...

I work with a fellow named Greg Shoemaker. He’s a good writer and probably should be added to the blog rotation, but he’ll politely chastise me for mentioning that. He’s very busy creating graphics. Since Greg doesn’t have a profile on the Metzgers “Our Team” page, I’d like to provide you with a sketch of my own.

Greg has been with the company since 1984 when it was Type House, putting him very near the top of the list of Our Longest-Serving Employees Whose Last Name Is Not (Nor Has Ever Been) Metzger, a list that takes up more horizontal space than vertical. Prior to joining Metzgers, Greg spent several years doing ads and other layout work for the downtown Toledo Lasalle’s store. He’s mentioned how difficult it was to walk past Morrow’s Nut House (located in that same block of Adams Street and since demolished) without being drawn inside by the aroma of freshly-roasted confections.

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Metzgers a G7 Master Printer

Opening ShotJohn Denver said it best.

“So I photograph when I can, work when I should”

Disclosure: OK, so that’s not an actual line from a song, but the real song contains references to a fiddle. And the song was heard during a Broncos-Steelers football game, so no assumptions should be made about my musical tastes.

Life feels busier than ever, squeezed by demands to do more in the same time frame. It feels like there isn’t always time to do what needs to be done, let alone what we want to do. Maximizing the opportunities, especially in our free time, becomes more important than ever. As Thomas P. Murphy has said, “Minutes are worth more than money. Spend them wisely.”

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Super Marketing: 46 vs XLVI


This is the week of Super Bowl XLVI.

Now if I would have started this blog with a “46” – you probably would have thought, “What is the 46 all about?!” But, especially at this time of year, when you see the Roman numeral XLVI, chances are you would think of Super Sunday and the Super Bowl. All because of forty-six years of Super Marketing!

This year, 30 seconds of that super marketing during Super Bowl XLVI will cost a cool $3.5 million. WOW! Some 115 million people will be watching… and they will be anticipating watching the commercials, not channel surfing during them!

The N.F.L. is ragingly popular but not 115 million fans’ worth; approximately half that many watched the N.F.C. title game. So how will the other 55 million be entertained? With incredible commercials, an extended halftime show, and other fun facts (like how many bags of chips will be consumed). All the result of Super Marketing.


You Have a Choice

scaleKnock, knock.

Opportunity! What is it, and who has it?

We’ve all heard that “opportunity knocks,” and that “opportunity is right around the corner.”

To me, opportunity is what happens right before you make a choice. Everyone has opportunity, as everyone is constantly making choices.

I look at the opportunity that all of our customers have. They work with the best customer service team in the industry. They have the opportunity to take advantage of all the technology and innovation that we have invested in. The opportunity to streamline the ordering process of marketing goods. From digital printing, offset printing, signage, our eServices suite, promotional products, and wearables, we keep creating opportunities as we grow this list.

As we look at our opportunities and make the choices that we do, it creates opportunities for all of our customers. We hope to keep making the right choices as so many of our customers rely on them for their next opportunities.

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