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Green Energy is Helping Local Companies

Using green technology to save on energy bills.

(The following is a story posted on the

TOLEDO, OH - September 7, 2011 - A number of local companies develop and manufacture solar technology. Now more and more local businesses are using that green technology to save money on energy bills.

tartaWe checked in on two of those businesses. The two are at very different stages in the process of using solar technology. One is just starting its project, the other has already cut costs through a rooftop solar array.

After receiving a million dollar grant in recent months Tarta's solar project is still in the planning stages, but at Metzgers printing and mailing their green project is already saving them a lot of green.

Todd Beringer says the machines at Metzgers printing and mailing use a lot of energy, "We have large printing presses and other equipment that are using tons of energy and the solar energy is going directly into those machines."

The solar energy at Metzgers is coming from a rooftop array, "We have 546 of these panels installed on our two roofs , it's about 95 hundred square feet."


What I Learned Today - Passion

jobsFinding motivation

I’ve been delaying writing my blog entry because of a lack of motivation to write about something that I wasn’t fully sold-out to.

It’s not that I was assigned a topic and asked to write about it (that's not what we do), I was just trying to come up with something that I felt would add value to anyone reading it. I wasn’t passionate about my topic…


Huntington Center continues to draw patrons, A-level shows

(Article and images originally published on the Toledo Blade's site - Original Post - By Rod Lockwood - Blade Staff Writer)

TOLEDO, OH - October 4, 2011 - It's safe to say that there will be no terrible 2s for the Huntington Center, downtown Toledo's showcase arena for concerts, hockey, and family entertainment.

As the arena reaches the 2-year-old mark this month, other than a few complaints about the seats being too close together and small for larger-sized people, the arena has been an inarguable success story. It regularly draws acts that previously treated the city like a convenient place to fly over and has attracted positive national attention in the concert industry.


Metzgers Keeping It Real

future200Quality Over Quantity

Another blistering summer has come and gone, and with the approaching autumn my thoughts once more take on a certain grey, blustery chill.

Borders Books’ flagship store in Ann Arbor is no more. (Poet/don’t even know it.) I’ve spent many hours at that store over the past two decades, and rarely left without purchasing something. The internet is abuzz with commentary regarding the company’s management missteps, along with varying opinions about the relative values of books and e-readers. If Borders’ story is to be viewed as a cautionary tale, the spot where rapid growth and rapidly-changing technologies intersect could be considered the epicenter of the primary conflict.

And so today I present the following collection of thoughts relating to “progress,” both in general and here at Metzgers.

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Mud Hens Entertain 549,438 in 2011!

(Article and images originally published on the Toledo Mud Hens site - Original Post)

Picture of a young fan attending a Mud Hens game at Fifth Third Field in downtown Toledo.

TOLEDO, OH - September 6, 2011 - The boys of summer closed the book on another memorable summer at Fifth Third Field on Monday, Sept 5. The Hens finished the 2011 season with an attendance of 549,438 and have attracted 5,576,977 fans in the first 10 seasons at Fifth Third Field!

This story was not subject to the approval of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues or its clubs




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