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Jack Of All Trades: Steve Szirotnyak

Obligatory introduction

jackGreetings, visitor! My name’s Steve, and I’m a sort of cross-media designer/adaptor/facilitator here at Metzgers. I create files that can be altered on-the-fly and then printed digitally to produce series of unique documents.

I dislike having to be one of those people who begin a blog entry by lamenting how difficult it had been to come up with a topic for their blog entry. The device generates a tired sort of irony (quite popular these days, granted); in this instance it also segues nicely into an even more lame pop culture reference.

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Dan Stever: A Piece of the Puzzle

Yeah! A new job!

puzzle-imageHello everyone! I’m Dan Stever – Web and Mobile Applications Developer for Metzgers. I’m technically still the new guy, but have been here for almost three months. I have a passion for technology and gadgets. I love my family, hanging out with friends, computers, and baseball - Apple and the Detroit Tigers to be more specific. Cool. Now we know each other.

Before I started working at Metzgers, I was a customer buying print and using the fulfillment and online storefront services. I’m really not trying to add shameless self-promotion here, but we really have an incredible setup and service when it comes to these things. Anyways…

Where I’d like to go from that comment is that I was familiar with the company and the attitude, the image, the workplace environment and the team. I knew that this could be a place to make a career and create some really cool stuff. After trying for quite a while I finally got the opportunity. Now here I am.

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Hi, I'm Jim.

Prepress Services Guru

DolphinHi, I’m Jim Restle; my business card says “Prepress Services Guru” and this is my initial post.

After reading the inaugural blog post by Joe Metzger, President and co-owner, I asked him, “Who’s going to be the poor fool who has to follow that one?” I should have guessed it would be me. I’ve been out of school too long, for I forgot the basic rule… if you don’t want to get called on, keep your head down and don’t make eye contact.

Joe said I was up next and I needed to raise the bar. That’s not really possible, and I struggled with what to write. I won’t insult Tom and Joe’s experience by trying to make a business parallel with my own health experiences because I’ve been fortunate enough in that area. I thought about going for the funny or embarrassing (in a case of both, did you know Joe Metzger is a huge Justin Bieber fan, and does a spot-on version of ‘Baby’?). I also decided against philosophical ruminations… quite frankly I’m just not that deep. So I struggled with what to write.

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My First Blog


lemonHi, I’m Joe Metzger. 2nd generation President of our family business called Metzgers.

Welcome to our new look, our new web site and welcome to a whole new Metzgers!

No, we’re not a new company… we’ve been around since ’76. We’re just better than ever. And, I’m so happy you’re here.

Over the years we’ve experienced growth when others in our industry have failed. We’ve morphed a couple times into something new and better. As a business we feel we are survivors with a purpose. But, there’s much more to our story.

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Take a Video Tour of Metzgers

TOLEDO, OH - June 28, 2011 - Metzgers has added a full video library to their website.

The library is a tour around the Metzgers' facility and a look into most of their capabilities.

The video library comes as an addition to the new website that was just launched.

VHS tape. Our videos are higher quality.

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