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Metzgers Continues Growth, Expands Offerings

TOLEDO, OH - June 26, 2011 - Metzgers continues to defy the trend in the print industry and expands yet again, despite the presumed slow recovery.

Metzgers boasting growth in multiple sectors."The recent decline in the print industry is nothing new to Metzgers,” said Joe Metzger, president, Metzgers, Inc. “ We consistently reinvest back into our company. We continuously look for what’s next and are always searching for opportunities to add the best people in the industry to our team."

In 2008, Metzgers added the Xerox iGen4 digital press. As one of the fi rst printers to offer its benefits, Metzgers has continued to add new services, products and staff. Online storefronts with web-to-print capability are one of the newer services. “2010 was a big year for innovation and growth, which has led to many new things that we’re excited to get in front of our customers,” said Metzger. "As we morph and change into something new, fresh and different we are always looking for what’s next.”


Metzgers Expands Its Green Printer Status

TOLEDO, OH - November 1, 2010 - Progress is underway at Metzgers Printing + Mailing, which is adding a rooftop photovoltaic solar array of over 9,500 sq ft of solar panels, which will generat up to 13% of its annual power usage.

Solar panels being installed."It's amazing to see it all come together' states Joe Metzger, company president. "Most large solar installations are at public institutions, but to be one of the largest solar installations on the roof of a privately held company in Ohio is something our team and our customers can be proud of."

The solar array includes 4,095 sq ft of panels on the main printing plant on Arco Drive, and 5,444 sq ft of panels on the Mailing & Fulfillment Center on Frenchmens Road. The total array is capable of producing up to 125,580 watt at any given point in time, during peak conditions And up to 144,417 kilowatt hours within a 12 month period. In general terms, this would power just over thirteen U.S. households, or 1,255 100-watt light bulbs continuously.

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Technology That Matters

TOLEDO, OH - March 1, 2009 - Metzgers was highlighted by Printing Impressions magazine in the article "Technology That Matters."

The name Metzger has been elevated to rockstar status in the printing industry, and with good reason. Joe Metzger can be seen frequently on the trade show / conference circuit, discussing any number of relevant industry issues. Frankly, if you can recall seeing him give more than a few talks, then feel free to count yourself among the printing realm's cognoscente, boasting big picture perspective.

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Metzgers Named In Top 400

TOLDEO, OH - February 7, 2009 - Metzgers has been named one of the Top 400 Printers in North America.

The list is published by Printing Impressions magazine. Metzgers is ranked as the 370th largest printer in North America. They moved up the list by 21 positions as their 2007 ranking was 391st.

Metzgers has one location in Toledo and is a privately held company.


No other printing firms in Toledo made this list.

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Metzgers Makes News and Attains Record Growth

Only Toledo printer named Top 400 by Printing Impressions Magazine.

TOLEDO, OH – February 6, 2009 - METZGERS, a nationally-known print mail communications company, completed the 2008 year with sales growth of 23%, added a 30,000 square foot digital printing and fulfillment center, invested over $1,500,000 of new equipment AND was named one of the Top 400 Printers in North America.

“It was a busy year!” states Joe Metzger, president, “We’re prepared for the next level of direct marketing solutions, personalized variable data printing and cross media data mining to help our customers grow!”

Rudolph-Libbe was the general contractor on the new 30,000 square foot building and KeyBank provided the financing. The City of Toledo assisted with project planning as well as tax abatement for the improvements.

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