3 Ways to Utilize Variable Data Printing

Example of Variable Data PrintingWhat if you could talk directly to each of your potential customers, tailoring your message to their specific needs and interests, instead of sending out the same mass message to everyone?

You can.

Variable data printing from Metzgers customizes printed materials to a single individual. And it’s more than just adding a name to a standard flyer. Based on known preferences, variable data printing can change, insert or omit photos, captions, offers, features, headlines, text, or anything else you want to personalize.

Here are three examples of what variable data printing can do for you:

Appeal directly to a web visitor: Imagine tailoring your marketing based on information provided directly by visitors to your web site. Variable data printing can do that. Using an online survey, a prospective student, for example, might fill out his desired areas of study, name, address, and other information, and that information would then be incorporated into a personalized brochure using his name and focusing heavily those areas of study. You’re not just blindly sending a brochure about your marketing programs to a local student and hoping she signs up, you’re sending a customized brochure about specific programs to a student named Nick who already told you he was interested in them. Which do you think is more likely to get the desired response?

Control content, reduce fulfillment time: Does a member of your sales team have a big meeting coming up? What if they’re out of business cards? Don’t put in an order and wait for weeks to get a shipment. Metzgers can design a Web-to-Print Storefront containing only card designs you approve. Then, your salesman can log on, enter his information, choose from those pre-approved designs, and have the cards in his hand in half the time. Web-to-Print is also great for brochures and other promotional materials. Ask us about other examples!

Keep personalization, cut down on time and expense: Does your company answer requests for information about your products or services by hand? Does compiling and mailing packets take weeks and quickly become expensive when you factor in the amount of requests filled? Variable data printing could be your answer. Metzgers will set up an online web-to-print storefront and a variable brochure. Information received through the company’s website or by email, phone, or other means, is sent to Metzgers and uploaded to the storefront, which populates the fields of the variable brochure to automatically customize content to the individual. If a prospective customer of a travel agency asks to receive information about travel packages for St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, for example, he won’t get a bunch of catch-all brochures about the Caribbean. He’ll receive a personalized brochure that focuses on the agency’s travel deals for trips to St. Croix, complete with special offers and photos of St. Croix. And the brochure will be finished in days, not weeks, and at half the cost.

How can variable data printing work for you? Contact Metzgers for more information.

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