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Super Marketing: 46 vs XLVI


This is the week of Super Bowl XLVI.

Now if I would have started this blog with a “46” – you probably would have thought, “What is the 46 all about?!” But, especially at this time of year, when you see the Roman numeral XLVI, chances are you would think of Super Sunday and the Super Bowl. All because of forty-six years of Super Marketing!

This year, 30 seconds of that super marketing during Super Bowl XLVI will cost a cool $3.5 million. WOW! Some 115 million people will be watching… and they will be anticipating watching the commercials, not channel surfing during them!

The N.F.L. is ragingly popular but not 115 million fans’ worth; approximately half that many watched the N.F.C. title game. So how will the other 55 million be entertained? With incredible commercials, an extended halftime show, and other fun facts (like how many bags of chips will be consumed). All the result of Super Marketing. the dawnzerly light!

American Flag.

Kelly Clarkston will sing the National Anthem. Many will be watching to be sure she gets it right. Last year Christina Aguilera flubbed the lyrics just a bit.

Madonna will headline the Bridgestone Halftime Show that will include a team from Cirque du Soleil.

Think about it.

Images from past popular Super Bowl commercials.

The marketing has become more than just the Super Bowl spots. Since the investment is large, many corporations are now building campaigns leading up to the Super Commercial. To generate a lot of buzz, short teasers of their commercials are all around social networking sites. Volkswagen posted a teaser of their commercial that generated over 4 million hits in two days.

Others have commercial teasers in movie theaters, online and on television for the two weeks leading up to Super Sunday. Super marketing starts long before the Super Bowl with the investment so high.

Some would argue that the commercials are not such a good showcase because the audience is so varied. (Typically, marketers would try to target an audience of a certain demographic.) Many instead use goofy humor to attract the attention of all viewers. Most viewers do prefer ads with kids or animals.

Many advertisers will sustain buzz after the game by producing alternate versions of their ads that run exclusively online. Last year, Go Daddy’s web traffic increased 41 percent following the Super Bowl.

Advertisers will spend more than $220 million total in Super Bowl commercials. Top 5: Anheuser Busch, PepsiCo, Disney, GM, CocaCola.

It's about being accessible.

At least 150,000 people are expected to flood downtown Indianapolis where the game will be played at Lucas Oil Stadium. The host city has a new way to deal with the crazy weekend: the first ever Social Media Command Center. Twenty people will operate the center for fifteen hours a day.

Advanced search tools will identify fans that need help. Radius operatives will pick up on tweet phrases like “where can I find parking” or “parking sucks,” and then offer assistance.

Doritos will have their own touchscreen kiosk at the stadium. People can snap a photo of themselves, then impose a caricature cutout of their face to star in their very own Doritos commercial.

And the winner is...

Doritos - close up.

Who’s going to win the Ad Bowl? Several brands are already in launch mode, including GM Chevy, Doritos, and VW.

Some of the winners from last year were Doritos, Hyundai,, Audi, Coke, Pepsi, GoDaddy, M&Ms, CareerBuilder, Skechers and Toyota.

A few things that you may notice this year in the Super Marketing to get your attention: Celebrities like Troy Aikman, David Beckham, Mark Cuban, Jillian Michaels, Mötley Crüe, Apolo Ohno, Danica Patrick, Pussycat Dolls, Joan Rivers, Andy Samberg, Deion Sanders, John Stamos and a lot more.

The Car Wars will be fierce: Audi, Cadillac, Chevy, Chrysler, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus and Toyota.

Clydesdales, Dogs, and even Meerkats! (If Budweiser, VW, Skechers and Kia stay on track.)

A little song, a little dance, and a few examples of situational comedy with dialogue, as everyone is always trying to create the next “Whassup?”

There will even be an “Ultimate Commercial Championship” bracket (just like the one we all fill out for the Final Four) available online so you can pick your Commercial Champion.

I am interested to see what E*Trade does this year with their talking baby; those tykes always make me smile. Remember the golf “skins beat-down” the little guy gave to “shankapotomous?”

I almost forgot.

NY Giants on field - Crowd and stadium shot.

Oh yeah—there is a football game to play: the New York Giants vs. the New England Patriots. These same two teams met in the 2008 Super Bowl.

It seems to not matter who plays—115 million people will be tuned in to NBC Sunday evening (Feb. 5).

Nothing like it!

Baseball, basketball, hockey and other team sports have a series of games to determine their champion. Football all comes down to Super Sunday!


Oh, and… Go Giants!



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