5 Steps to Optimize and Maximize Your Print Marketing

printerPrint marketing goes well beyond mailers and ads. Your business can benefit from smartly designed business cards, handouts, and banners printed on high-quality materials, as well as clean designs directed at the right audience. But before you embark on a new printing project, it's important to ask a few key questions:

1. What's the point?

Consider why you need printing services. What results are you trying to achieve? What's your business' message? What's the call-to-action?

The better you can answer each of these questions, the more targeted our work can be. We'll help you decide the best format for your communication. Metzgers offers a huge variety of print marketing options, from pocket-sized postcards to bold billboards.

2. Who's your audience?

More isn't always better. By trimming down your contact list to ideal buyer candidates, Metzgers can help reduce your project costs and get a better return-on-investment.

3. Does your design support the business' brand and purpose?

Engaging graphics and clear, succinct wording will help your print marketing be more successful. If your team doesn't have in-house designers, Metzgers offers a full suite of creative services to help. We can assist with your design, layout, graphic development, and even logo development.

4. What's the best material for your print campaign?

Metzgers can print ink on paper, plastic, corrugated products, and even wood. Consider how much your business needs to invest in the final printed piece prior to picking a material. Items intended to be keepsakes or kept outdoors may need some special finishes. Our team can help you determine what those are.

5. What are you trying to say?

Don't overload your print piece with a ton of content. Craft a simple message that focuses on a single product or service. Metzgers can help highlight calls to action and draw attention to incentives.

Metzgers and its creative team are here to take the guesswork out of planning and executing your business' print project. Whether you're interested in incorporating magazines, large signage, or newsletters to your marketing plan, Metzgers has you covered.



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