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What Is Four Color Process Printing?

4-Color CMYK Registration Mark.Keeping things aligned.

Four-color process printing uses four ink colors – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These four colors are superimposed individually, one after the other, onto the surface of the item being printed on a press. It is necessary to print the image one separate time for each separate ink color so that they may blend to make the full color appearance of the final image. The inks overlap each other in various concentrations on the paper to create the visual effect we know as full color printing.

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Things to consider for your print project

Image of lock out of the door. We won't lock you out of the process.

Beyond your design and content there are many things that affect the overall quality of your printed piece. Understanding your options for things like paper and coatings can help you produce the precise impact you want.

At Metzgers, our goal is to help you know as much as possible to get the job done.

Please refer to the following information regarding the preparation of your project for commercial printing:

Our experts are always available to assist you. You can easily reach us with this form.

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Paper Selection Tips for Commercial Printing

Rough and worn texture paper.Stock and bond. We're not talking Wall Street.

The paper choice for your commercial printing project can make a significant difference in the look and feel of your final printed piece. When selecting the best paper for a particular project, you’re often faced with an overwhelming number of paper options. So choosing the right paper for a printing job may seem intimidating…but it doesn’t have to be.

When choosing your paper it is important to consider how it will affect every aspect of the finished printed piece. Does it create the image and identity that you desire? How well will it reproduce and affect colors and graphics? Is the paper durable enough for post-printing converting processes such as folding, cutting, binding or embossing? Will it stand up in the mail or through whatever handling is done with the finished piece? What is the effect of your paper choice on your budget? All of these need to be considered when making your paper selection. We can help you through these decision points quickly and efficiently.


Types of Ink for Print

Filling the presses with fresh Yellow ink.We'll mess with the mess..

Generally speaking, your Metzgers printing professional will choose the right inks to produce the best finished printed piece for you. Choosing inks is best left up to your commercial printing partner. There are, however, some considerations as you plan your printing project:

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Tips for Choosing Print Coatings

Brush dipped in a coating. It doesn't mean getting ready for winter.

Many think that the production of a commercially printed piece involves just artwork, paper and ink. While that is true with many printed pieces, there are still more options available. One of those is the use of coatings of various types on the actual printed substrate.

Coatings are used for two reasons. One is for protection of the printed piece; if there is heavy ink coverage, an extra coating can help avoid ink scuffing, and coatings also can protect printed pieces from excessive moisture or extreme temperatures. Another reason is to provide a visual highlight and accent particular areas of the printed piece.

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