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Commercial Print Proofing Process and Options

Film negative.Check twice. Print Once.

The proofing process is a fundamental part of the commercial printing process and the final stage before we produce your project. The print proof approval is actually an authorization by you, and an indication that you are satisfied with the proof accuracy. This is where your printing project is approved for production.

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Post-Print Services

Gerber Daisy. Make it pretty after it has been printed.

Post-press services take place after the actual printing process and are a crucial part of any printing project. Post-press services give your project the final look, shape and feel you seek. Post-press services are also known as converting or bindery operations.

Our bindery professionals are experienced at every step of the post-press process. We'll get your product to you in the highest quality final form that you expect.

Please refer to the following information for information on Post Print services for your project:

As always: Our technicians are always available to assist you. You can easily reach us by filling in this form.

The Difference Between Emboss & Deboss

Typesetting letters. Making hills or valleys... on your paper.

Embossing and debossing are two techniques used to imprint impressed or depressed images onto paper.

Embossing is a raised design – a logo or other graphic image, for example — that is pressed into paper or card stock from underneath. Embossing requires two dies, a male and female die, thus creating more production steps and die charges. The raised area can have ink applied to it, foil applied, or it can be left unprinted/unfoiled. When an embossed area is not printed or foil stamped it is known as a blind emboss.

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Foil Stamping Styles for Print

Photo of foil imprint.Shiny!

Foil Stamping adds a touch of elegance to your finished printed piece and is surprisingly affordable. You see examples of foil stamping in many everyday printed pieces from wine and food labels to packaging for all types of consumer products.

This popular decorating process employs a heated die to apply foil under pressure, leaving a sharp, detailed imprint of a logo, design or graphic image on the paper surface. Foil stamping is also called hot foil stamping, dry stamping, foil imprinting, or leaf stamping and can be combined with embossing or debossing to create a more striking graphic image and effect. There is usually a one-time charge for the foil-stamping die.


Types of Printing Folds, Trims and Scores

Folding paper or Finished booklet or spines. Better than origami.


Most of the finished printed pieces we produce for customers fall into the category of 'standard' fold types. Some of the standard paper folds include:

  • Half fold
  • Trifold
  • Gate fold
  • Z folds
  • Parallel fold
  • Accordion fold
  • Quarter fold

There are more, but these are the most common. Consult with your Metzgers printing professional to investigate folding options for your finished printed piece.




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