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Bindery Methods

Image of comb binding. The glue that holds it all together.

Commercial printing output is seldom just delivered to you as flat printed sheets. In fact, your printing project is usually only half done when it comes off of the printing press. You typically will want booklets, manuals, brochures, or bound documents. Your printed piece may need to be bound, punched, cut or folded in certain ways to create a pleasing and functional finished product. In a commercial printing operation, the bindery is where materials go for assembly or the types of converting and finishing mentioned above.

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Die Cutting Options

Colorful kids scissors. Leave the cutting to us.It's a lot cooler than it sounds.

Not all printing projects require a nice, straight cut along the edge of the page. Some require curved cuts, unique-shaped cuts, fancy cuts, or internal cuts. These specialty cuts are known as die-cuts.

Die-cutting gives your printed item a unique shape and appearance. Some have a “cut-out” of a certain size or shape. Any shape or size is possible as dies are created for the cuts. A die is a design, letter or a pattern cut into metal for cutting, stamping, foil stamping, or embossing onto/into paper. The die-cutting process uses these sharp metal rules or dies to cut shapes and designs into paper.


Packaging Options for Mail

Packaging Peanuts and a box. Bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, and tape.

Once your printing project is complete, we package the final product so it is easy for you to use once you receive it. Considerations related to packaging include: protecting your product during shipping and re-shipping, enhancing shelf appeal, and - if applicable - bundling, cleanliness and loss prevention.

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Different Ways to Mail

Full mailbox. Special delivery.

In many cases the printed materials you have us produce for you will end up in the mail. For the convenience of one-stop shopping, we provide mailing preparation services.

Every year, postal regulations change. There are ways to mail more efficiently if you have full knowledge of the regulations. While you may not devote the countless hours that we do to staying on top of postal regulations, there are things you can do to ensure that every piece makes it to your intended target audience as economically as possible.

Please refer to the following information for information on mailing services from Metzgers:

Our experts are always available to assist you. You can reach us by email completing this form.

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Cleaning & Managing Mailing Databases

Fiber Optic cables.We'll deal with the details.

Fiber Optic cables in a data center. We offer services ranging from managing your database to simply cleaning it to certifying it for mailing discounts. Databases can be as simple as a mailing list or as complex as your complete list inventory or database system.

Part of the database management services we offer allows for acquiring, sorting and managing the important information about your target market audience so that your one-to-one, personalized message can be specifically tailored to every recipient of your mailing.




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