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Unique Promotional Products for Tradeshows

You don’t get qualified leads from a tradeshow by just “showing up.” If your company is investing time and money into attending a tradeshow, it’s crucial to have a marketing and sales strategy established.

Tradeshow Marketing Strategy

Many conference attendees walk the tradeshow floor seeing a sea of the same—this means that you must differentiate your booth from the rest. There are two ways to accomplish this: through the design of both your booth and or the promotional products you give away.

When ordering your tradeshow promotional products and booth materials, you definitely want to cover the basics (retractable banners, pens, notepads, etc.), but these may not generate a sense of urgency to visit your booth, or make it appear unique! If you really want to build excitement among attendees—and in turn, gather prospect information—it’s important to design your booth to be interactive and encourage conversation. In other words, don’t allow the table to serve as a barrier!

Promotional Products That Won’t End Up in the Junk Drawer

When you’re searching for unique promotional products, it’s important to choose a product that attendees will want to keep for themselves, not one that will be given to their kids or end up in the junk drawer upon their return home. It’s also important to invest in items that would likely be used on a daily basis, allowing your company to remain top-of-mind long after the show ends.

Below we have listed some of our favorite promotional items that have proven effective for brand awareness among the clients our promotional products department works with. And if you’re on a time crunch, don’t worry! We’re more than familiar with working on tight deadlines!

Stretch Card Sleeve (Cell Phone Wallet)

A popular tradeshow product that our clients have reported success with is customizable stretch card sleeves. These stretchy, silicone sleeves are applied to the back of a cell phone case with strong adhesive, serving as the perfect holder for items such as a driver’s license, business cards, a room key (useful for tradeshow attendees!), or even a credit for debit cards.

By placing your company’s logo on the sleeve, you have the ability to attach your brand to an item that your audience has on them at all times.

unique promotional items

Branded Hand Sanitizer

Almost everyone has hand sanitizer nearby in a desk drawer, bag or vehicle. With a silicone case and customizable strap, this 1 oz. hand sanitizer is the perfect promotional product for your next tradeshow. Often attached to the strap of a purse or hooked on a keychain, this product literally puts your brand directly in the hands of your target audience.

unique tradeshow products

Ear Buds Combo Set

Everyone needs multiple sets of ear buds these days, whether they’re used during the morning commute, for a workout, or while at the office. The Metzgers promotional products department offers a combo set that includes a plastic travel case completed with a phone stand, screen cleaner, cord organizer, and of course, the ear buds themselves.  

tradeshow products

Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser

The fruit-infused water trend isn’t going away anytime soon, so why not attract the attention of health-conscious consumers opting for a naturally-flavored water to get them through the day? The 28 oz. Sports Bottle with Fruit Infuser gives your company the opportunity to attach your brand to a product that becomes part of someone’s daily routine. We can also say from firsthand experience that this tradeshow item definitely creates a crowd around your booth—it’s the perfect incentive for tradeshow attendees to share their contact information with you.

tradeshow promo items

Safety Light Wristband

While we’re on the topic of health-conscious consumers, the Safety Light Wristband is another unique promotional product that will help to capture the attention of conference attendees. This illuminating wrist band helps users to stay safely visible while running, walking or biking outside of daylight hours. With two light settings and an easy On/Off button, this product will definitely garner the attention of attendees.

tradeshow marketing

Don’t see a promotional item that would work with your target audience or industry? Visit our promotional products catalog, or contact a member of our team about your needs. We custom-source and design products for our clients, so the opportunities are endless!

Getting the Most Out of Your Promotional Items

Once you’ve decided which promotional items you will utilize to increase traffic to your tradeshow booth, it’s important to have a strategy to capture the contact information of those who visit.

An increasingly popular trend of tradeshow organizers is to allow exhibitors to “scan” attendee nametags for access to their company name, email address, etc. If this technology is not available to exhibitors, be sure to have a computer or tablet accessible so representatives at your booth may digitally capture contact information. Whichever method is used by your company; the most important thing is to establish the process ahead of time so you do not miss out on capturing a lead’s information.

If you’re ready to find the promotional product that will set your company apart, contact the Metzgers promotional products department today online or by phone at 419.861.8611. Our experienced team can source the unique promotional products you’re looking for, and help make your next tradeshow an even greater success!

How Does a Drip Marketing Campaign Work?

Every buyer has a journey, and the way you communicate with a prospect differs throughout. A drip campaign, also referred to as marketing automation, allows you to deliver appropriate messaging to each new prospect at every stage of their buyer’s journey—from their initiated point of contact to their ultimate conversion.

Creating a Drip Campaign

The components of a drip campaign most often include emails or direct mail pieces with levels of incentives associated with each, such as discount codes or promotional pricing. It’s ideal to have each touchpoint with the prospect occur in three-week increments, allowing your brand to remain top of mind, without inundating the buyer with too much messaging.

While the end goal of a drip campaign may differ from one company to the next, the overall concept—and the components you must have in place—remains the same. Follow the infographic below to learn about the key components of a drip campaign, and the ways in which a direct mail component can providing meaningful touchpoints throughout the buyer’s journey.

How Does a Drip Campaign Work


Ready to get started? Contact a Metzgers sales representative at 419.861.8611 to learn how we can help fulfill the printing and mailing portion of your drip campaign.  


Printing and Fulfillment on Tight Deadlines

When you’re on a tight deadline, every moment counts—especially when it comes to getting things to print! As we move into the season of time-sensitive printing and mailing, the need for a fast turnaround becomes even more important. 

Fast Printing Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Quality Printing

Whether you’re printing last minute tradeshow material, or the deadline for your holiday mailer is just around the corner, it’s safe to say that the fire is burning. Even a simple online search of the phrase “fast printing” returns thousands of results, but finding a company that can deliver by your deadline—while maintaining quality standards—can be difficult.

Fast Printing

Your Printing and Fulfillment Partner

Many printing companies offer delivery of prints in less than 24 or 48 hours. But as a company, you need a printing partner who can assist you throughout the life of the project—including the printing and fulfillment.

Metzgers works with various industries, in over 2,000 cities, providing the fast printing, fulfillment and shipping services they require. Named to the Printing Impressions 400, a list of the top commercial printers in North America, we have no doubt it has to do with the fact that we are able to provide our services at the drop of a hat—whether it’s a large print run or multi-step fulfillment.

We Work with You

Our team works directly with clients to ensure that we do everything to make even the most detailed, last minute print jobs possible. The first step we take is to determine your deadline—whether it’s an event date, tradeshow shipping deadline, or an internal company deadline. After we determine the date in which the printed piece or promotional material must be completed, shipped and in the hands of the end recipient, we work backwards to establish the deadlines related to the approval process. Throughout the life of the expedited project, our representatives establish a direct line of communication with the customer, allowing urgent edits to be made and questions to be answered.

We Handle It All

Metzgers’ fulfillment services are able to take the burden off of the logistics-related stress that often occurs during fast print jobs—especially if it’s related to a tradeshow or event that’s miles away from your company headquarters! No matter how complicated the shipping, location or packaging instructions are, our team will take care of it for you! And these fulfillment services aren’t limited to the typical booth materials such as pull-up banner stands, table skirts and wall graphics. Our team has helped customers fulfill sponsorship opportunities, such as door drops, hotel mirror clings, binders and more—all designed to catch people’s attention on and off the tradeshow floor.

We Have It All

Metzgers’ online stores, or storefronts, are an option that many customers take advantage of. Each storefront is customized to your needs and allow the opportunity for materials to be variably printed with custom names, addresses logos and more. Items printed through the storefront may include everything from brochures and business cards to clothing apparel and other promotional items. And with an expanded promotional products department, we’ve become a one-stop shop for our customers. Our team is able to source the products, print and even package and ship them to the recipient! 

Metzgers’ kitting and assembly service benefits countless customers by handling the picking, packaging and shipment of products. Whether it’s an envelope that includes a letter and RSVP card—or a customized package with flyers, brochures and promotional items like a t-shirt and travel mug—we handle all of the assembly and shipping. Imagine the weight that can be lifted off of your shoulders when working on a tight deadline!

kitting and assembly

Fast Turnaround and High Quality Printer

With more than 40 years of experience, Metzgers is more than familiar with the scenarios that sales and marketing managers find themselves in. When deadlines have seemed impossible, we’ve been able to provide our customers with the quality printed materials they need, when they need them most.

If you’re in need of a fast printing provider who can maintain your company’s quality standards, contact a Metzgers sales representative at 419.861.8611. Our team can help you get the printed materials you need, no matter how close the deadline is! 

How to Measure the ROI of a Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail campaigns provide the opportunity to have your product or service in the hands of your target audience. Even in today’s digital world, direct mail provides the ability to increase brand awareness and ultimately drive sales—but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to measure the success.

ROI of direct mail campaign

Is it Possible to Measure the ROI of Direct Mail?

The ability to measure the ROI of a direct mail campaign requires a great deal of strategy, which begins right from the initial creation the piece. Metzgers has years of experience with both direct mail campaigns as a whole—and with the implementation of digital marketing elements designed to drive conversions—as a result, we’ve learned which elements are able to provide the best indicators of success.

Measuring Traffic Through Personalized URLs

As we’ve previously discussed, a personal touch in a direct mailer can immediately get the recipient’s attention. Applying that logic to the digital aspects of your campaign can make sense as well. Personalized URLs (PURLs) can be created for audience segments, or even for specific individuals. By connecting PURLs to your direct mail campaign, you are able to measure traffic that’s a direct result of your mailer. Increased web traffic means there are eyes on your content that would not be there otherwise, which is an excellent measure of success.

PURLs offer the opportunity to assign different URLs to specific target audiences, allowing your company to measure the ROI for each group. By measuring the traffic to each specific webpage following the mailer, you’re able to attribute the increase in leads to the campaign itself, rather than the marketing mix as a whole. 

Linking Conversions to Direct Mail

Without a digital component woven into a direct mail campaign, it can be nearly impossible to link the piece of mail to an actual purchase. However, when incentives such as activation codes or coupon codes are included on a direct mail piece, you are able to bridge the gap between mailer and conversion.

How to measure ROI of direct mail

Specific codes may be implemented in a variety of ways, many of which include incentives such as coupon codes or redeeming special offers. When including a coupon code, ensure that recipients are able to redeem it online or in-person. It’s also critical to track the use of the code, whether it be digitally or by adding an additional step for salespeople to follow.

Pro Tip: If using a code on your direct mail piece, be sure to create a sense of urgency by highlighting an expiration date or limited offer.

Unique Landing Pages and Event Pages

A popular way to add a digital component to a direct mail piece is through the development of a unique landing page. This is a page built on your website specifically for the campaign—one that cannot be directed to through your site menu.

Place the URL of the landing page on your direct mail piece for users to visit to browse your products, redeem a discount or take advantage of a special offer. Getting the recipient to take an extra step and visit your website is something they probably wouldn’t have done had they not received the direct mail piece. Now you have the opportunity to track the traffic to the landing page as a form of ROI. If you’d like to get more granular and track which users ultimately sign up for an e-newsletter, or enter their information for a free sample, you may create an “event” page.

A good example of a page that triggers an “event” would be the “Thank You for Subscribing” page that follows a newsletter sign up. You may not have sold the user your product immediately following your direct mail campaign, but establishing a line of communication with their email inbox is a step in the right direction. We’d definitely consider that a return on your investment.

Measuring ROI of Direct Mail

Tracking ROI in Your Direct Mail Campaign

While it does take a bit of creativity, tracking the ROI of a direct mailer is possible. You may have to integrate a new step or two into your usual process, but the ability to measure and report your success back to the C-suite is extremely valuable.

Metzgers has years of experience implementing these initiatives into our client's campaigns—and we can help you do the same. Contact a Metzgers sales representative at 419.861.8611 to learn the best way for our company to reach your target audience and track your success.

5 Steps to Creating a Successful Catalog

DOWNLOAD the '5 Steps to Creating a Successful Catalog' Guide.

Print is not dead.

No, that phrase isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a fact. Print marketing is on the rise, and when executed strategically, a print campaign can lead to a significant increase in sales.

As we explain in our downloadable guide, 5 Steps to Creating a Successful Catalog, catalog mailing has grown $11.9 billion since 2013. But even if you’re among the group of marketing and sales professionals who understand that creating a company catalog helps to generate sales, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

 Steps to Creating a Successful Catalog

How to Create a Successful Catalog

There is a great amount of detail that goes into the creation of a catalog. Creating a piece that features your company’s full product line, while also effectively connecting to the audience, doesn’t come easy. In our guide, 5 Steps to Creating a Successful Catalog, we provide the roadmap for the creation of your company catalog, giving you helpful tips that enable you to:

  • Develop an effective strategy
  • Empower team members to deliver an optimal product  
  • Speak directly to your target audience(s)
  • Choose the right printing option
  • Customize the catalog through distribution   


We’re confident that after reading this guide, you’ll be armed with the knowledge—and inspiration—needed to create a successful company catalog. It’s more than printing your full product line, it’s your opportunity to connect with your audience!

Download our guide and start the catalog creation process today!

To get the catalog process started, or to ask specific questions to our catalog experts, contact a Metzgers sales representative today at 419.861.8611!



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