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You Have a Choice

scaleKnock, knock.

Opportunity! What is it, and who has it?

We’ve all heard that “opportunity knocks,” and that “opportunity is right around the corner.”

To me, opportunity is what happens right before you make a choice. Everyone has opportunity, as everyone is constantly making choices.

I look at the opportunity that all of our customers have. They work with the best customer service team in the industry. They have the opportunity to take advantage of all the technology and innovation that we have invested in. The opportunity to streamline the ordering process of marketing goods. From digital printing, offset printing, signage, our eServices suite, promotional products, and wearables, we keep creating opportunities as we grow this list.

As we look at our opportunities and make the choices that we do, it creates opportunities for all of our customers. We hope to keep making the right choices as so many of our customers rely on them for their next opportunities.

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What I’ve learned in 2011

2012-blog-imageFinding motiviation

2011 was an interesting year for Metzgers. We hired more employees, we added more equipment, grew our customer list, improved our web and social media presence, changed our branding, made a large custom promotion to launch our new custom packaging & fulfillment services. Then we purchased a building to expand our warehouse and distribution business. But, honestly, it wasn’t as earth-shaking as it seems; this year and this list of things is much like prior years. In a nutshell, we invested back into our company, for about the 35th year in a row. My blog isn’t going to be about bragging about what we did, but I want to share what we learned.

Some of the learning is based on what we’ve experienced within our walls, and some of the learning is from things that happened in the community and in the world. Each learning experience can be identified by a single word, but I’ll share that word, and then offer a few opinions and ideas.

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What I Learned Today - Passion

jobsFinding motivation

I’ve been delaying writing my blog entry because of a lack of motivation to write about something that I wasn’t fully sold-out to.

It’s not that I was assigned a topic and asked to write about it (that's not what we do), I was just trying to come up with something that I felt would add value to anyone reading it. I wasn’t passionate about my topic…


Metzgers Keeping It Real

future200Quality Over Quantity

Another blistering summer has come and gone, and with the approaching autumn my thoughts once more take on a certain grey, blustery chill.

Borders Books’ flagship store in Ann Arbor is no more. (Poet/don’t even know it.) I’ve spent many hours at that store over the past two decades, and rarely left without purchasing something. The internet is abuzz with commentary regarding the company’s management missteps, along with varying opinions about the relative values of books and e-readers. If Borders’ story is to be viewed as a cautionary tale, the spot where rapid growth and rapidly-changing technologies intersect could be considered the epicenter of the primary conflict.

And so today I present the following collection of thoughts relating to “progress,” both in general and here at Metzgers.

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Metzgers Printing Doing Their Part To Save The Environment

environment-friendly...So I didn’t print that!

This past week I was sitting in a high school on mini-class night, and the Spanish teacher was explaining to the parents the year ahead for the students. He was showing various documents on the big screen Smart Board, and during his presentation he said, “I thought I’d save the environment, so I didn’t print that.”

As I looked around the room I saw about 30 parents, most between 35 to 55 years old. The teacher’s statement most likely didn’t bother anyone in the room (well, except me). We’ve been hearing this stuff about “saving the trees” and how paper is bad for the environment for years. And, honestly, it drives me nuts.




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