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Look Before You Shoot

Hosta PlantQuality Over Quantity

The number of photos I shoot in a year without the use of a tripod is fairly small. Photographing in the early morning and evening light, under the canopy of forests or during dark and stormy conditions, results in slow shutter speeds that make hand-holding the camera difficult. Even with high ISO settings, I find it difficult to achieve the sharpness and depth-of-field I desire without a tripod.

One of the things I have to guard against though is mounting the camera on my tripod before checking the scene from different heights and angles. Whether from fatigue or laziness, the tendency is to photograph from the spot where I set up the tripod, and from only the height and the angle the tripod provides.

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It's a Family Tradition

old-picnic 0Greetings Everyone!

Thanks for visiting our website. First, a brief introduction: I am Tom Metzger and I am co-owner of Metzgers with my brother Joe. We do a decent job of managing this crazy business of ours by not stepping on each other’s toes. I like being the inside operations guy. Joe is good with outside stuff like sales and marketing. Yes, I’m slightly older.

My Dad, Norb Metzger, started our business back in 1976. I know he had some type of vision and dream of what it would be like to own his family business. He worked hard, led by example, and his family business grew with his kids and the many others he hired along the way. Several of those people he hired are still a big part of the family business today: Metzgers!

Dad also started some very cool traditions more than 30 years ago. I’m not so sure it was part of his vision, or that he even dreamed that one of the biggest traditions he started was ‘The Company Picnic!’

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It’s all about me: Tim Fisher

Hello-My-Name-IsHello, my name is Tim and I’m a self-proclaimed prognosticator of all-things awesome. Yeah, that’s right. You heard me. Awesome. I know you’re a busy person who’s taking a few minutes of your day to take a break and read about something. Why not make it awesome? I mean, that’s why you’re here... on this site... reading this blog. Isn’t it? Look, if you’re not interested in a little awesome, then please, I implore you not to waste your time – or your company’s bandwidth – by clicking on the little “read more” link below. No hard feelings.

* Let me preface this blog post by saying I’m really not a narcissist, I just play one on TV. Seriously. I make stuff up for a living, so I’m like 98% full of crap 73% of the time. (Uh...what?) Anyhow, I never said I was good at math or stats and stuff, so just click on the “read more” link below. Do it. Now.

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Meet Aaron

Last name: Meyer, not Miller...

mailboxHi All – My name is Aaron Meyer, not to be confused with Metzgers CSR Aaron Miller. We get each other’s phone calls, but we’re not the same person… I’m much cooler. Outside of work I like spending time with family, watching NASCAR (full disclosure: I have a fairly serious bromance with Kyle Busch), and cooking. Writing is not my forte but here I go.

I started working as a delivery driver for Metzgers in March 1994. I left a few months later to see what life would be like in Atlanta. After living with my brother and sister-in-law for a few months I decided that it was time for me to part ways with them and I moved back to Toledo. As do most that leave Metzgers, I returned and asked for my job back.

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Wearing Many Hats

Which one to wear?

many-hatsHi there, I’m Eric. I am the manager of Information Systems and eServices. What exactly does that mean? If it has to do with computers and technology, I am likely involved in one way or another.

I wear many hats.

We have all heard that saying. In fact, between work, social and personal aspects of our lives, we all wear many hats. Some even wear many hats specifically in their work life... I am one of those people. Some of my hats include managing servers and workstations, to working with a team creating online storefronts, to helping our sales staff with presentations and demonstrations. That is the short list off of the top of my head.

But I love it, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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