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Indoor Decal Printing

AmInteriors smIndoor decals come in a variety of forms, including vinyl lettering and full printed graphics.

What can you use them for? The options are endless, including:

  • Sign your building
  • Add visual interest
  • Advertise sales
  • Promote employee morale
  • Inspire guests

You can even use indoor window decals to create the look of frosted privacy glass or classy etched glass without the expense.

We print our indoor decals using the highest quality vinyl for lasting durability, and they're easy to apply, too.

The best way to apply indoor window decals is to spray the glass down with water. Then, peel the vinyl away from the paper backing, line it up level, and lay it against the glass. Finally, use a plastic burnisher to smooth the vinyl against the glass and squeegee out the water and remove any air bubbles.

If you're applying an indoor decal to a wall surface, prep the wall by wiping it down with a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris. Then peel the vinyl from the paper backing, line it up level, and press it against the wall. Then, use the burnisher to stick the vinyl to the wall and remove any air bubbles.

Indoor decals can also be applied to other surfaces, such a restaurant table tops and elevator doors. We can even print decals for rough surfaces such as brick and wood.
Your indoor decal will stay up until you peel it off.

Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration, and give us a call at 419-861-8611 to talk about your ideas.

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The Non-Christmas Corporate Gift

Untitled Infographic 1Every year, companies spend thousands of dollars on gifts for clients, employees and vendors. The Advertising Specialties Institute reports that companies will spend an average of $43 per customer or prospective customer and an average of $50 per employee this holiday season.

Christmas is the most popular holiday for corporate gifting, but some companies are choosing to separate themselves from the pack by recognizing their clients on other holidays.

One of our customers, for example, sends Valentine's Day gifts to their top-tier clients to underscore how much they "love" doing business together. Last year, their custom gift box included a branded scented candle and a private-label bottle of wine. This year, they're sending private-label champagne, assorted cheeses and chocolate dipped strawberries, champagne flutes etched with the company logo and a monogrammed cheese board and knife.

Another customer, a green energy company, shows appreciation to their vendors on Earth Day. In the past, they've sent branded flower pots packed with soil and seeds. For Earth Day 2015, they're deciding between engraved salad tongs made from sustainable acacia wood and embroidered canvas totes.

Want to put a new spin on your corporate gifting strategy? Think about what makes your business unique and find a holiday those attributes tie into naturally.

Companies based in Louisiana could share their local culture with customers across the country by sending Mardi Gras survival kits. If you feel "lucky" to be in business, send your clients a token of your appreciation on St. Patrick's Day.

There may also be observances associated with your industry or corporate mission. Explore this list or this list to see what might be an appropriate choice for your business.

Our promotional products team can help you choose the right gift to convey your message and meet your relationship-building goals. Call us at 419-861-8611 or email us for details.

Metzgers Tip Sheet: Building a Landing Page

Survey Landing Page (Click to Enlarge)Personalized landing pages, or microsites as they're often called, are a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. They offer a customizable header and color scheme, as well as a flexible layout, so you can tailor them to your brand identity. And our live-response tracking system lets you export data as it comes in so you can update your CRM system in real time.

So how do you get started?

The first step is decide what purpose your landing page will serve. Personalized landing pages are ideal for accomplishing a variety of objectives, including:

  • Updating customer information
  • Qualifying leads on a prospect list
  • Generating a quality email list
  • Segmenting customers into needs-based contact lists

You can also use these microsites for sharing an exclusive downloadable offer or introducing new products or services to your current customers.

Then set your goals. Make them as specific and measurable as possible. How many people do you want to drive to the microsite? What number of responses will yield a positive ROI?


Corporate Gift Giving Ideas for the 2014 Holiday Season

CatalogCoverYou know the holidays are coming, but when it's time to decide how best to thank your employees and customers for their support over the last year, you freeze. There are so many options to choose from, and who has the time to pour over hundreds of pages of promotional products in catalog after catalog?

The Metzgers Promotional Products Team does! We specialize in helping you give gifts that will make a lasting, positive impression.

The gift you give will largely depend on the industry you're in and to whom you're giving it.

Educational institutions sending gifts to alumni donors may choose a sweater embroidered with the school crest, an embossed leather desk blotter, or an engraved fountain pen.

A gourmet food retailer might thank their suppliers with a bamboo cheese board or a wooden serving vessel.

Health care companies can give logoed health and safety items such as hand sanitizer or branded first aid kits to their patients. These items drive positive brand image, too – 50% of recipients have a more favorable impression of the advertiser after receiving a branded health and safety product. Plus, 27% of people who get them carry the products with them.

Other popular gift ideas include:

  • Touchscreen gloves
  • Tote bags
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Candles
  • Gourmet foods

Corporate gifts aren't just for the holidays, either. They're a nice way to thank those who donate to a fundraising campaign. You can give gifts to commemorate employee anniversaries. You can even give gifts to commemorate events like an annual company picnic or reaching a sales milestone. Showing appreciation always generates goodwill whether it's done internally or externally.

Contact us at 419-861-8611 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to talk about your corporate gift strategy today!

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Unique Ways to Print / Die-Cut Business Folders

Tri-Fold Die-Cut Business FolderWhat comes to mind when you think about business folders?

You probably think about the folders your sales associates hand out to new customers, the kind that contain one-sheets about your company and your products and or services. That's primarily what businesses use folders for – to hold other printed information that their clients or customers will want or need to keep on file.

But they're also a marketing tool, designed to keep your customers thinking about your company, and there are thousands of ways to create a business folder that people want to open again and again.

Take the standard bi-fold folder, like those you used in school. It might have a pocket or two, but those pockets can be uniquely shaped, have business card holder cut-outs. The pockets can be gusseted, too, so they can hold thicker stock or more sheets.

We can also create tri-fold business folders with one, two, or three pockets, die-cut flaps, shaped cut-outs, and more.

If your printed materials have a long shelf life, or you're producing a limited-run business folder for new customer acquisitions, consider having your materials stitched into the folder to create a booklet-like folder.

We can emboss your business folders, too, to create visual and tactile interest on the cover, pockets, flaps or back cover.

If you've already got a design, we'll execute it to your specs. But the best business folders are designed with your goals in mind, so talk with our designers and let us develop a solution that will work for you, even on a tight budget.



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