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Short-run Magazine Printing

Short-run magazine printing - NewsPhotographerWhen you think of magazines, do you just think of your monthly subscription to Rolling Stone, or the celebrity rags you browse while waiting in the checkout line of the grocery store? Maybe you also think of the shopping catalogs that come in the mail frequently.

Actually, there are all kinds of ways your business could use magazines to reach customers. From coupon booklets to promotional inserts, short-run magazine printing can be a great marketing tool.

Short-run magazine printing is for any catalogs, booklets and, of course, magazines that you don't need more than a few hundred copies of. If your local boating magazine only has 300 subscribers, why spend thousands of dollars on publishing?


There is No Success Without Succession

Super smGreetings!

My name is John Metzger, and I’m a third-generation member of the Metzgers family. Our company has a lot of history, so much that its story reads like a recap of a long-running TV show. 

In 1976, Norb Metzger quit his job and became an entrepreneur, setting in motion events that would change the lives of his family, friends and many people in our community, some of whom who would never even meet him face-to-face. My grandfather had the qualities of a great boss: ambition and perfectionism, an obsession with customer service and a knack for leadership. 


Short-run Book Printing

Short-run Book PrintingOnce upon a time you wrote a book. And it was a great book – a fictional masterpiece crammed with adventure, dripping with pointed political commentary and just a sprinkle of romance. The characters were charming and witty, sarcastic and gorgeous, vengeful and brilliant.

But no one knows about your book because you couldn't afford to publish it. Your mom thought it was great, though.

Enter short-run book printing. With a short-run printer, you can publish enough copies of your book to give to friends and family. Companies can order copies of a project to preview before a big order or distribute for a presentation.

Printers who offer short-run services don't require you to order hundreds of copies of your book, like the commercial offset printers do.


Unique Uses for Wide-Format Printing

Trade Show DisplayWhen it comes to standing out from the crowd and drawing customers in, size matters.

Whether you're competing for booth visitors in a crowded trade show or hoping to get noticed on the road, think big. No, think huge. Scratch that—think colossal.

Think wide-format printing.

The great thing about wide-format printing is it can be used for almost anything you can dream up. You can create logoed banners, signs, displays, and other projects that take advantage of large spaces to send your message.


Choosing a Fold for Your Project

Half Fold

Designing a brochure or pamphlet? You may have thought about content, color, and even paper type, but there's another factor you should consider. The type of fold you select for your project can greatly affect readability, ease of use and overall impact on your potential consumer. There are numerous options to choose from, but here are a few of the most popular ones.

Half Fold: The most simple type of fold, it is commonly used for brochures and greeting cards. It can be used with nearly all types of paper, though thicker stocks require scoring to produce a smooth fold. It works well with most sizes, although it's commonly used with 8.5″ x 11″, 8.5″ x 14″, 11″ x 17″ or 11″ x 25.5″ paper

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