Dan Stever: A Piece of the Puzzle

Yeah! A new job!

puzzle-imageHello everyone! I’m Dan Stever – Web and Mobile Applications Developer for Metzgers. I’m technically still the new guy, but have been here for almost three months. I have a passion for technology and gadgets. I love my family, hanging out with friends, computers, and baseball - Apple and the Detroit Tigers to be more specific. Cool. Now we know each other.

Before I started working at Metzgers, I was a customer buying print and using the fulfillment and online storefront services. I’m really not trying to add shameless self-promotion here, but we really have an incredible setup and service when it comes to these things. Anyways…

Where I’d like to go from that comment is that I was familiar with the company and the attitude, the image, the workplace environment and the team. I knew that this could be a place to make a career and create some really cool stuff. After trying for quite a while I finally got the opportunity. Now here I am.

Like I said above, I’m the new guy. I do feel like a part of the team here, but I still feel like I’m trying to find my place a little. Starting a new job is always an overwhelming thing. I feel it is especially so in my situation, because I am a new position doing new things that haven’t been done here before.

It’s like a puzzle. You just have to find the right piece and the right place.

"Starting a new job is always an overwhelming thing."

Kid with funny glasses and funny face.

Kids do the darndest things.

I have a two-year-old (almost three) daughter. She loves puzzles. She will do puzzles endlessly. I am really amazed at what she is able to accomplish by herself. She doesn’t need my wife or me to help her, but always wants one of us to. She knows what she is doing. She knows which piece she needs and where it goes but will always ask one of us if we know.

I think a parallel can be drawn here. I’m not going to go with the “You have to ask questions to learn…” One, that is too obvious. Two, I don’t think that’s the key.

I really think she is doing this to involve us. Finding a way that we can do things together. Sure she could only ask without trying and we would direct her, or she could just do it herself… But she really wants us to do things together - to be a team, to share the experience.

"...do things together - to be a team, to share the experience."

I think there is an incredible lesson we can learn. It is a Biblical concept – “It is not good for one to be alone” but coming from and being practiced by a toddler? This means that there is an ingrained trait in us that wants to be involved with what’s going on and wants everyone else to be a part of it too.

Adult holding a kid's hands.

I can grasp that. Thinking about what I do and like, I get so excited to share about my interests and things that get me fired up. Most of the time it is about technology, and most of the time the other people don’t care, but I want them to have the same excitement that I feel. Not for the same reason I am excited, but just so they too can have that feeling.

Why? Because it is great! We want people to share every experience with us.

Have you ever been a part of this discussion before? “OH MAN! This is the worst thing I have ever smelled! Here, smell it!”

Why do we do that? Who knows, but it’s fun to have others experience it isn’t it?

"OH MAN! This is the worst thing I have ever smelled! Here, smell it!"

Row of Port-A-Poties. He’s still rambling?

All of that being said, I do think I have found my place here at Metzgers. I’m already being used as a resource for tech and gadget knowledge. I have already been able to create something pretty cool (This website), and am being encouraged to keep innovating to see what we can come up with.

Notice I said We.

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