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Metered postage. Barcodes are machine-readable graphics that represent information. There are many different types of barcodes, including those on grocery and retail products, those used in inventory systems and those on envelopes and other bulk mail pieces.

Mailers with large quantities of mail use barcodes to save on postage. For smaller quantities, the savings are not as certain after the costs involved in bar coding are included. Check with your Metzgers printing and mailing expert to see whether you can benefit by using barcodes.

Canceled barcode on a letter.

To get bar coding discounts in addition to the regular discounts for bulk mail, your mail must adhere to specific USPS standards to be able to pass through their automated sorting equipment. Mail that is irregularly shaped, too thick or too stiff to bend is not eligible for bar coding discounts since it cannot be sorted on automatic machines. Moreover, there are regulations regarding the printing of barcodes on your mail; e.g., there are only certain places on your mail piece where the barcode can placed.

We do this type of work continually for our customers, so Metzgers can help you determine whether bar codes are cost-effective for you and how do get it done.

Postage QRYou do not need to apply a barcode to your mail piece, but using them can lower your postage costs and speed up delivery time. (Sometimes, the post office uses their own barcodes if you don’t provide one. It helps them process your mail but you forgo any discount if they do it.)

QR code leading to the QR Code UPSP Promo guidelines. For a limited time the USPS is offering a discount on postage for any first-class mail letters, flats and cards that include a two-dimensional barcode that can be read or scanned by a smartphone. Scan the QR Code to the right to see the guidelines and FAQ published by the USPS. Don't have a smartphone handy? Don't worry. Read the FAQ / Guidelines in your browser.

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