Bindery Methods

Image of comb binding. The glue that holds it all together.

Commercial printing output is seldom just delivered to you as flat printed sheets. In fact, your printing project is usually only half done when it comes off of the printing press. You typically will want booklets, manuals, brochures, or bound documents. Your printed piece may need to be bound, punched, cut or folded in certain ways to create a pleasing and functional finished product. In a commercial printing operation, the bindery is where materials go for assembly or the types of converting and finishing mentioned above.

Bindery methods—stapling (called “stitched” in printing parlance), punching for ring or comb or wire binding, or perfect binding (like most books) are the most common options—vary according to cost, durability, functionality and appearance of the finished piece. Consult your Metzgers printing professional or send our experts an email to further review you bindery, converting and finishing options.

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