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From Joe Metzger’s blog:

This is my 100th post to the CaringBridge blog and over 45,000 people have viewed or read something here. Wow! What a journey!!!

When I see people who have walked with us on this journey of the past 11 months I feel blessed to be able to respond to them with "it feels really good to be on the better side of all this!!"

11 months ago I was feeling weak and run down. Today, for the most part, I feel really good. As Dana and I were talking yesterday... Sure, I have some difficult side effects to my hands and feet, things taste really different now, my memory is off, my vision has gotten worse, I still get anxiety and worry about the future, balance seems strange at times and sometimes I have nose and mouth issues... and my digestive system still isn't "right"... but hey, I'll take all this stuff over how I felt a year ago and for the first six months of 2012.

Have you had your eyes checked lately?

It’s amazing how a new set of glasses can help you see... but after the journey of the past year I have a new way to look at life, and from the feedback I've received from many who know me or read these posts... I thank you for helping me in this journey and I have been honored when many have said that I have helped them.

I began this CaringBridge blog as a way to communicate the truth about my health, a way to reduce the phone calls and questions to Dana or my kids and a way to stop any rumors from getting exaggerated. (Lord knows I would never exaggerate a story!) ;-)

But after 11 months of sharing and receiving positive feedback, prayers and support from so many... and being so blessed with amazing results through the care of my doctors and nurses... I sit here this morning giving much thanks to God and to everyone in my life. Thank You!!!

Picture of Joe's Knockout Cancer gloves signed by Metzgers team members.

What it's all about

Okay... as for a health update (the true & original purpose of this site). Today I begin week nine of the new drugs (Xeloda & Avastin). I take 2 tablets of Xeloda every 12 hours Monday through Friday, and I get Avastin through the I.V. on Tuesday. The side effects from these drugs are still minimal and very manageable. There are more times now that I forget or don't think about having cancer, whereas before it never left my mind. I am able to eat just about anything. I am gaining weight and feeling better than I ever expected.

Today I begin coaching the 6th grade girls’ basketball team at my daughter Kelly's school and I am truly excited to have the energy to be able to do so.

Thank you

November is a time to give thanks. This week we give thanks to the veterans for their service and to the current active military for their current sacrifice and service. And this month we give thanks for all that we have and all the good people in our lives. And I give thanks for Dana and my family as well as everyone around me these past 11 months... and I pray for good health for you all.

December 6th is my next CT scan. After my prayers of thanks, I'm praying for continued reduction of the cancer that's in my liver. Hopefully, the news of that scan on December 6th is as positive as I feel and as positive as this journey has been.

Thank you for your continued prayers for me and for my family. Thank you for your hugs, smiles and compliments.

My best to you.

Signed by Joe.

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