Commercial Print Proofing Process and Options

Film negative.Check twice. Print Once.

The proofing process is a fundamental part of the commercial printing process and the final stage before we produce your project. The print proof approval is actually an authorization by you, and an indication that you are satisfied with the proof accuracy. This is where your printing project is approved for production.

The proof is provided by Metzgers to show you how the job will be printed—front and back—and how it will look trimmed out at the correct size. It is at this point that any additional changes or modifications are made to the printed piece. We will not print the job until a proof has been signed off by you as OK to print.

Carefully reviewing your proof is sometimes the most important task in the entire print process. It’s the final chance to find errors or edit your work before the most expensive part of the process begins…treat the proof as if it were the finished product (the finished product will look just like the approved proof).

In most cases, the proofing stage is the ultimate approval point for all project specifications including paper, colors, layout, content, spelling, logos, and design. We are then responsible for producing the project in accordance with the specs and proof that you approved. At the point of approval, you are responsible for everything on the proof, so check it twice..just in case.

Look closely. Magnifying glass. Online Proofing

Online proofing is another way that we at Metzgers offer you convenience. Our system allows you to view and approve a proof online, or suggest changes without leaving your office.

When a proof is ready for viewing, you are sent an e-mail containing a link to the online proof. Clicking on the link or loading the link into your web browser will open up the proof. Let us know as soon as you can of your approval or any changes to be made to your printing project.

If you have any questions related to proofing, just send our experts an email. We are here so you can get your job done!

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