Computer Monitor Calibration for Print

X-Rite hueyProMaking sure what you see is what you get.

What Colors Are You Seeing?

One of the most difficult parts of the whole printing and design process can be making sure what you see on your screen is what you get at the end. There are hundreds monitor types, with multiple styles and manufacturers. Gamma, contrast ratio, lightness... Where do you start?

At Metzgers, we make sure that the screens on the systems being used to drive our presses are calibrated using industry-leading tools. We want to make sure that you are seeing what you'll get too.

If you want to calibrate your monitor to make sure what you see is really what you get, check out one of these professional tools: X-Rite hueyPro or Datacolor Spyder 3 (Express, Pro, or Elite).

Photo Friday - Monitor Calibration ToolThere are some things you can do without spending money, too. Here are links to sites that have useful information, instructions, and images to help you calibrate your monitor.

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