Creative Packaging: Thinking outside the box

Creative PackagingNeed packaging for your company's product? How about a promotional giveaway? When it comes to packaging, most people think more about what's in it than what's on it. But packaging is valuable space that could help you set your brand apart. Here's some ways you can think outside the box.

Market on your box: Have you ever thought of using the same slogans and marketing messages you use to sell your products on the packaging itself? Why not? When a customer or prospective client picks up the package, you could use that space to tell them more about your company and other products, increasing the chance of them buying additional products from you. They won't have to pick up a phone or even click a link to learn more about you when that information is literally in their hands.

Make your packaging stand out: When you want a customer to choose your packaging from among all the competing products on the shelves, an ordinary box won't do. Unique and eye-catching packaging will increase your product's chances of winding up in a customer's cart. Take, for example, an innovative box we created to introduce Lansing Trade Group's sweet potato ingredient supply to current and prospective clients. With photographs of roots on the bottom, soil on the sides and sweet potato fields on the top, we created a representation of growing sweet potatoes on the packaging. This packaging was eye-catching, informative, and helped get the company's message across even before the box was opened.

Go Big: Trying to get your name out there? Introducing a new product? Oversized boxes may not be feasible for your products, but they can be a great marketing tool. Take, for instance, the enormous pizza boxes we built for Marco's Pizza. Oversized packaging can be great for catching the eye of potential customers in a crowded trade show or other event.

Metzgers can help your brand get noticed with these and a variety of other creative packaging methods. Have an idea? We'll help turn it into reality. Contact us today!

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