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Display Printing Timeline

We live in a highly visual world. And when you're competing for attention, bigger is better.

We can create printed displays that are up to 80 inches wide and 150 feet long -- that's longer than three school buses parked end to end.

That's 12,000 square feet of real estate for your message. So what can you do with an extra-large printed display?

You can use these printed displays to advertise on large buildings, in stadiums, and even as an aerial ad.

CCM Wall Sign PrintingWe can also produce smaller-scale printed displays for a variety of applications, such as

  • Tradeshows
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Indoor adhesive graphics
  • Business signage

We can even produce 3-D pop-up displays with precision-cut contouring.

What material is used for printed displays?
Simply, if we can hold it still, we can print on it. We use an Acuity wide-format printer that can handle many different substrates from paper, vinyl and foam core to corrugated material and plastic. We can even print on wood and sheet metal up to 1.8 inches thick.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to display printing.

Want a four-foot by eight foot wooden logo to tote to tailgating events? We can do that. Need custom banners for a special exhibit? We're your go-to printer.

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