How to compress files for your print job?

Cram it in and zip it shut. It makes it easy to move around. Making your files smaller.

It's easier than sitting on your luggage to zip it.

File compression reduces the size of a file, allowing for faster transmission over the Internet and eventually permitting for easier file management. Compression also protects the file from possible corruption. The function of a compression program is to take large files and make them smaller without changing or losing any information in the file.

How to compress your files:

Take all the files for your printing job and put them in a single electronic folder. This includes every graphic and design element of the project (original photos, illustrations, fonts and other design elements). Name the folder something appropriate for your project.

There are a number of file compression software options available (Windows options: Winzip and 7-Zip - Mac options: StuffIt and Zipeg) but we recommend using your operating systems built-in compression option.

For Windows (All versions) - Right-click on your file or folder -> Hover over Send to -> Click on Compressed (zipped) folder.

For Mac OS X - Secondary-click (Control + Click) on your file or folder -> Click on Compress [file or folder name].

Choosing your own favorite compression utility is usually a matter of personal taste and ease of use. Feel free to call us ahead of time so that we can help you get this part of your project done!

Don't hesitate to send our experts an email with any questions you may have about file compression.



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