Types of Printing Folds, Trims and Scores

Folding paper or Finished booklet or spines. Better than origami.


Most of the finished printed pieces we produce for customers fall into the category of 'standard' fold types. Some of the standard paper folds include:

  • Half fold
  • Trifold
  • Gate fold
  • Z folds
  • Parallel fold
  • Accordion fold
  • Quarter fold

There are more, but these are the most common. Consult with your Metzgers printing professional to investigate folding options for your finished printed piece.


When you need to fold a printed project that is on heavier paper we recommend scoring. Scoring puts a groove in the paper so that the fold is crisp, clean and accurate, with no damage done to the ink or paper.


Ink bleeds – colors that run clear to the edge of the page – are described in detail below. The important issue with bleeds is cost. For example, an 8-1/2 by 11 flyer without bleeds can be printed on a sheet of letter-sized stock. But the same brochure with color to the edges (a bleed), requires a larger page stock and must be trimmed to final size. Both add significantly to the price of the job, and the smaller the quantity, the greater the difference.

Origami crane. Trimming

Trim size refers to the final size of the printed piece after the last trim is made. Trimming is common when a full printed bleed is used in the final printed piece. Full bleed means the ink runs to the very edge of the paper. No printing press actually prints to the edge of the paper so printing is done on paper that exceeds the final print dimensions. The excess paper is then trimmed off resulting in the “full bleed” ink to the edge appearance.

If you intend for your job to bleed then you must allow for this in your design files by extending images 1/8" beyond the final printing piece trim.

While most of the finished printed pieces we produce fall into standard folding, scoring and trimming categories, the possibilities are really endless. Paper can be scored, folded, and trimmed in some unusual shapes and sizes, allowing your finished piece to meet your quality expectations and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

If you have any questions related to folds, scores and trims, please send our experts an email. We are here so you can get your job done!



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