How to upload fonts for your printing job

So many font choices.

They really do show what you're saying.

Just don't use Comic Sans.

In order to reproduce your project the way you designed it, printers need the same fonts that you have used to develop your designs and files. We generally have all standard fonts already, but it is always good to include them anyway, especially if they are fonts you have recently purchased. This usage is allowed by copyright law.

Create an electronic folder called “printing job fonts”. Place copies of all of your fonts in that folder and send it along with all other design folders and files that you send us. Include only the fonts used for your project.

To upload your font:

Search for File or Folders

  • Type in the name of your font and search your computer for the file.
  • Once the file appears, copy the file.
  • Type 1 fonts contain two files with the extensions .PFM and .PFB. Both are needed in order for the font to be functional.
  • True type fonts only require one file that uses the extension .TTF.
  • So many font choices.Paste the font files(s) into your “printing job fonts” folder.

Note: Mac users must compress font files prior to upload to avoid corruption.

Please avoid bitmap fonts. Bitmap fonts are designed for the computer screen and do not yield effective results when we prepare your files for image-setting and printing.

When formatting your text for italic or bold fonts, select the bold or italic font in the font family, such as Arial Bold or Arial Italic, rather than selecting Arial and then assigning it a bold or italic style from the style menu.

If you have included text in an EPS graphic file or logo, we must have the screen and printer fonts for that text before we can correctly produce your graphic. Alternatively, you can convert the text in EPS graphics to outlines, or make sure to embed all fonts when saving as an EPS. Converting the text/fonts into outlines turns your font into a graphic so you no longer have to worry about collecting the font. However, that action makes the text no longer editable by us.

As always, please feel free send our experts an email with any questions you may have about fonts so we can get your project done!

The font really tells the story. The quick orange fox jumps over the lazy brown dog.



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