Hand Assembly vs. Electronic Assembly

Hand AssemblyA mail piece is often more than a single sheet of paper inside a #10 envelope. Sometimes it's a box of promotional goodies. Other times it's an odd-sized envelope with a catalog and a complimentary tchotchke.

But no matter what you're mailing, Metzgers can assemble it for you with our electronic assembly or hand assembly services.

Electronic Assembly

Electronic assembly, or machine assembly, is best suited for simple mail pieces. Think annual appeal letters, corporate newsletters, and billing statements.

We'll print your pages, fold them for the envelope size, and load them into a machine that stuffs and seals the envelopes automatically.

The maximum thickness for electronically assembled mail is ¼ inch, and we can machine envelopes from a 9x12 down to a small, square A2.

Benefits of Electronic Assembly
It's less expensive to assemble mailers electronically, and, in most cases, these mailers also cost less to send through the post office.
If you need to control costs, electronic assembly is the way to go. Our team can help you design your mail piece so that it can be assembled electronically, and we can also offer guidance to avoid additional handling charges at the post office.

Hand Assembly

But sometimes you have more to say than electronic assembly allows for, so we offer hand assembly services, too.
Three-dimensional mail pieces are often directed at a smaller target audience, but they make a huge impact and deliver outstanding ROI.

Types of Hand Assembly Projects

Hand assembly is the best option for thick envelope stuffing and kitting of all kinds.

  • Welcome kits
  • Sample packs
  • Product launch kits
  • Gift boxes
  • Promotional kits
  • DVD or CD mailers

We can even print and build custom boxes and kits for you, and our Mom Squad will fill them with your wares. All you have to do is send us the components.

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