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How Does a Drip Marketing Campaign Work?

Every buyer has a journey, and the way you communicate with a prospect differs throughout. A drip campaign, also referred to as marketing automation, allows you to deliver appropriate messaging to each new prospect at every stage of their buyer’s journey—from their initiated point of contact to their ultimate conversion.

Creating a Drip Campaign

The components of a drip campaign most often include emails or direct mail pieces with levels of incentives associated with each, such as discount codes or promotional pricing. It’s ideal to have each touchpoint with the prospect occur in three-week increments, allowing your brand to remain top of mind, without inundating the buyer with too much messaging.

While the end goal of a drip campaign may differ from one company to the next, the overall concept—and the components you must have in place—remains the same. Follow the infographic below to learn about the key components of a drip campaign, and the ways in which a direct mail component can providing meaningful touchpoints throughout the buyer’s journey.

How Does a Drip Campaign Work


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