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Today in Toledo it’s 99 degrees. Luckily, the printing plant here is air conditioned. But I feel bad for our super-duper warehouse, distribution & fulfillment crew. They are dealing with the heat exceptionally. (At least that’s what they TELL me. LOL.)

The best part of a hot & humid day like this is that my brother Tom takes time to call the local ice cream truck guy, and he comes to our parking lot, and bro Tom buys ice cream for the entire crew here at Metzgers.

Is that Sonic the Hedgehog???

Yep, it’s a great way to beat the heat, but more importantly a great way for everyone to share some smiles, exchange some laughs and discover the kid in each of us. Many go the old fashioned route, but the hottest sellers were the Sponge Bob and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Picture with Joe and Metzgers team members.

Play that *funky* music!

As I walked outside to see my team of superheroes from Metzgers in line for their ice cream, I didn’t hear any music. Someone yelled out, “Turn on the music, ice cream man!” It was hilarious; he pops on the music and even more memories pop into everyone’s heads of the times when they were chasing the ice cream man on their little 20” 2-speed, kick-back, Schwinn bikes. Taking time to remember childhood memories or to share a laugh with a co-worker makes the culture of a company vibrant. It’s an exceptional feeling and one that’s always appropriate. Our crew has been very busy pounding out the work to help our customers market themselves and grow their companies or institutions. I always say that we help our customers “put more butts in seats, more heads in beds, and move minds to move products, move money or ideas.”

Metzgers team members in line for the ice cream truck.

Wait for it...

To spell that out a bit more… we help our clients put more butts in seats in higher education with our 70+ university clients, or more butts in seats for foundations or non-profits at their fundraisers (which I like to call FUNd Raisers—as the more FUN in fund brings more bucks from peoples wallets). Next, we have numerous health care clients, and although it’s sad to say, we do help them put more heads in beds. (‘Nuff said there.) The last part is moving minds to move products, move ideas or pull money for a transaction of some sort. Print is an amazing tactile medium. Every ice cream product sold in our lot today was wrapped in PRINT, and the printed signage on the ice cream truck screamed: “Move Your Money to me for Ice Cream!” And print, when combined with direct mail, is the ONLY medium that WILL reach 100% of its audience, every time. We can reach 100% of the mailboxes in North America within a week.

Boxes of ice cream and frozen goods.

Print is fun, print is lively and print is NOT dead. We’re growing by helping our customers grow… and we’re having a great time doing it. So the next time you see that ice cream truck, or better yet, the next time you see those cute little kids selling lemonade in their driveway—with their PRINTED sign—please stop and spend a buck to make their day.

Oh, one more thing. The heat of today makes us all thankful for air conditioning in our homes and in the workplace. Can anyone tell me which industry was the very first to have air conditioning? Yep… you guessed it: a printing plant!

Good thing our solar panels power our printing presses and A/C units.

Here’s a piece of the A/C Story.

Old picture of woman with air conditioner.
Image Credit: Lambert / Getty Images / Time

The first system was designed in 1902 by inventor Willis Carrier (the Edison of air-conditioning) as a solution to keep muggy air in a printing plant from wrinkling magazine pages. He successfully used coils to both cool and remove moisture from the air, and would eventually establish the first mass manufacturing plant for air conditioners. While the first home unit, proportional in size to early computers, was installed in 1914, air conditioners remained too bulky, noisy and full of chemicals to become widespread for several more decades.

Read more: Time US

Cheers to ice cream and cheers to print. Both are exceptionally effective at making people smile!

Van Halen - Ice Cream Man


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