Indoor Decal Printing

AmInteriors smIndoor decals come in a variety of forms, including vinyl lettering and full printed graphics.

What can you use them for? The options are endless, including:

  • Sign your building
  • Add visual interest
  • Advertise sales
  • Promote employee morale
  • Inspire guests

You can even use indoor window decals to create the look of frosted privacy glass or classy etched glass without the expense.

We print our indoor decals using the highest quality vinyl for lasting durability, and they're easy to apply, too.

The best way to apply indoor window decals is to spray the glass down with water. Then, peel the vinyl away from the paper backing, line it up level, and lay it against the glass. Finally, use a plastic burnisher to smooth the vinyl against the glass and squeegee out the water and remove any air bubbles.

If you're applying an indoor decal to a wall surface, prep the wall by wiping it down with a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris. Then peel the vinyl from the paper backing, line it up level, and press it against the wall. Then, use the burnisher to stick the vinyl to the wall and remove any air bubbles.

Indoor decals can also be applied to other surfaces, such a restaurant table tops and elevator doors. We can even print decals for rough surfaces such as brick and wood.
Your indoor decal will stay up until you peel it off.

Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration, and give us a call at 419-861-8611 to talk about your ideas.

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