Types of Ink for Print

Filling the presses with fresh Yellow ink.We'll mess with the mess..

Generally speaking, your Metzgers printing professional will choose the right inks to produce the best finished printed piece for you. Choosing inks is best left up to your commercial printing partner. There are, however, some considerations as you plan your printing project:

  1. Black ink is the most common and least expensive ink. It is used as a stand-alone printing ink or used as part of the 4-color process set of inks.
  2. Spot colors inks are premixed inks. You can choose from among thousands of different spot-color inks. A spot color printed at 100% is a solid color and is not used to print the dot patterns that process printing uses.
  3. Bottles of ink.Process printing is most often referred to as 4-color printing. That is because the printing process consists of overlapping dots (halftone screens) of 4 printing inks: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) inks. CMYK inks are translucent which means they can absorb some colors (paper and other inks) and reflect others. To create green, for example, you combine cyan dots and yellow dots. Your eyes merge the cyan and yellow dots to perceive the color green. Process (CMYK) printing gives us the ability to simulate all of the colors and photographic images using just four basic ink colors.
  4. A highly useful tool for selecting reproducible CMYK colors is the Pantone Process Color Guide. This swatch guide displays over 3,000 colors with corresponding color builds, and is available on both coated and uncoated papers. The Pantone Color Guide is available from Metzgers. The use of this tool is strongly recommended if you will be doing repeat printing projects, or have color-sensitive graphics.

If you have any questions related to ink selection, or options available to you, please send our experts an email. We are here so you can get your job done!

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