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old-picnic 0Greetings Everyone!

Thanks for visiting our website. First, a brief introduction: I am Tom Metzger and I am co-owner of Metzgers with my brother Joe. We do a decent job of managing this crazy business of ours by not stepping on each other’s toes. I like being the inside operations guy. Joe is good with outside stuff like sales and marketing. Yes, I’m slightly older.

My Dad, Norb Metzger, started our business back in 1976. I know he had some type of vision and dream of what it would be like to own his family business. He worked hard, led by example, and his family business grew with his kids and the many others he hired along the way. Several of those people he hired are still a big part of the family business today: Metzgers!

Dad also started some very cool traditions more than 30 years ago. I’m not so sure it was part of his vision, or that he even dreamed that one of the biggest traditions he started was ‘The Company Picnic!’

It has to start somewhere.

The very first ‘Company Picnic’ was more than 30 years ago in his own back yard. We hung a little sign on his garage door, ten people showed up and the party was on! The cooler was full, I grilled burgers and dogs, all went well and a tradition was born!

Sausages on a grill.

Well, we just had our Annual Company Picnic for 2011, and about 210 people showed up. I still begin by hanging a sign, and when it was all over I took the sign down again and thought: Wow, what a tradition!

"I took the sign down again and thought: Wow, what a tradition!"

It’s like a holiday for me. It is just so excellent to see all of our employees and their families together in such a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Smiling faces everywhere! Over the years we have had special guests like magicians and clowns. There have been pool parties, golf, horse-shoes, bocce ball, volleyball, softball, moon-bounce, fireworks, sunshine, rain—and always fun.

Play Ball!

This year we held our ‘Company Picnic’ at a Toledo Mud Hens game. The Coop Party Deck and all of its picnic tables were full of The Metzgers Team and their families. The mascots Muddy and Muddonna made their appearance as well.

Split Picture - Muddonna with kids / Group of People Eating
Muddonna taking pictures with kids. / Group of people at the picnic.

A part of our tradition is the commemorative t-shirt. We make custom t-shirts every year for everyone to wear to the big event.

Some things will never change.

Some of the kids have been at the picnic as infants and are now twenty-something; some of the employees have been to 20 picnics; some employees were attending their first. But ALL of them had a great time again this year growing our ‘company picnic’ and its great tradition!

There have been times when it would have been very easy to just avoid all the work and expense of this ‘company picnic’—but we do it anyhow. Then, when it’s over, I know that this is one tradition that will stay.

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