Make Your Direct Mail Stand Out

Unique MailerAre you sending a brochure or other mailer to prospective customers? Let's face it: That piece of mail will end up in a mailbox or desk with a bunch of other letters, bills, and flyers all begging to be opened. Many of them will be tossed directly into the trash, unread.

How do you make sure yours doesn't?
You've got precious few seconds between the mailbox and the trash can to grab your recipient's attention. If your mailer looks like everything else in the pile, it won't get read. Eye-catching, creative designs, however, are more likely to be read. Here are some things to consider when designing your brochure or mailer.

This one is a no-brainer. Bold colors draw far more attention than subdued tones. Experiment with brighter colors, but keep your brand image in mind as well. A neon yellow mailing from a funeral home may get read, but it probably won't be taken seriously. Don't risk your brand's reputation just to stand out.


Die-cutting is a process that can create a large number of intricate paper shapes. Used on the front of a mailing piece, it can create eye-catching designs and grab attention. You can create a 3D effect by layering die-cut pieces, or use the negative space created by removing portions of the brochure.

Unique Shapes
Folders and mailings don't have to be rectangular. Experimenting with a variety of shapes will set your mailing apart from the pile. Your mailing could be a triangle, a circle, even an octagon. When you come to Metzgers, we can create anything you can imagine.

Paper choice
It's not just the designs that help your brochure stand out; it's the kind of paper you put those designs on. A thicker stock can help set your mailing apart among a pile of flimsier flyers. You can also choose from glossy or matte finishes to help draw attention to your piece.

PFUGO - Self-Mailer / Reply Mail
Are you mailing something out with hopes of receiving a questionnaire or donation in reply? Then you're looking for PFUGO. It uses unique folds and remoistenable glue so your entire mailer is one detachable piece. You won't have to worry about extra envelopes, or missing pages. Your recipient can simply fill out the perforated response card, detach it and send it back to you. And because it's one piece, it costs less to manufacture and ship than multi-page mailers. Tell us what you need your PFUGO to do and we'll use different colors, folds, and shapes to make it stand out.

Keep your brochure in their minds and out of the trash. Contact Metzgers to discuss what we can do to help your mailing stand out.



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