Marketing Materials Checklist: 4 Print Pieces Your Business Needs

Fotolia 84518466 Subscription Monthly XXLThe most effective marketing strategies feature a healthy mix of print and digital materials. No matter how much of your business takes place online, there’s still something to be said about a well-done print piece. Handing your existing and prospective clients a tangible marketing piece allows your brand to stand out on and offline. Here are four must-have marketing materials you should always keep on hand.

1. Stationery

The first items in your brand identity package should be note cards, letterhead and envelopes. It’s no secret that most correspondence these days is via email, but personalized paper should not be overlooked. When someone receives mail from you, they are actually receiving a physical representation of your company. Using quality letterhead and envelopes is the first step towards solid brand recognition. Not to mention, note cards are a nice touch in this digital age.

2. Business Cards

There’s nothing more awkward than when someone you’re talking shop with asks you for a business card and you can’t produce one. You pat your pockets nervously or dig through your bag to search for a card you know isn’t there and end up writing your contact info on a cocktail napkin that will probably end up going through the wash.
While small in size, a business card can make a big impact. Your business card is often the first piece of marketing someone will receive from you. It should contain all your contact information, naturally, but it should also embody the personality of your brand. Your business card acts a visual connection to you as an individual and your company as a whole. Paper stock, printing process, finishing techniques and even orientation can help your business card jump out of the proverbial rolodex.

3. Posters and Banners

Sometimes size does matter. Large printed materials grab the attention of your target market and allow for a burst of visibility for your business. Large scale printing can attract interest at tradeshows, draw attention to your physical space, or advertise products or services you offer. Reach your ideal clients with strategic placement of posters and banners based on the type of call-to-action you’re making. For example, full panel signage for a takeout restaurant around a busy bus stop or intersection could bring in people looking for a quick meal on their way home from work.

4. Promotional Products

Whether you’re branding takeaways for tradeshows, producing client appreciation gifts, or decorating apparel for your team, promotional products serve to proliferate your brand identity and message long after the initial interaction is over. Items that a client will actually keep and use – such as pens notepads and wearables – tend to have a better impact. Including a call-to-action and a means of contact by way of web address, phone number, or QR code is a great way to drive engagement.



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