Packaging Options for Mail

Packaging Peanuts and a box. Bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, and tape.

Once your printing project is complete, we package the final product so it is easy for you to use once you receive it. Considerations related to packaging include: protecting your product during shipping and re-shipping, enhancing shelf appeal, and - if applicable - bundling, cleanliness and loss prevention.

There are many options we can offer you for packaging; shrink-wrap, Kraft-wrap, poly bagging, carton packing, and skid stacking are just a few. Boxing and shrink-wrap are the most common packaging options. Shrink wrap is polymer plastic film that, when heat is applied, shrinks and wraps tightly over whatever it is covering. You can determine the optimum package size, weight and shipping methods.

Roll of bubble wrap. Many clients who distribute materials to their channel partners want literature bundled in specific quantities; shrink wrapping pre-counted bundles makes their order fulfillment process far easier.

Shrink wrap is also used as an overwrap on many types of packaging including cartons, boxes, sheets and pallet loads. A variety of products may be enclosed in shrink wrap to stabilize them, unitize them, keep them clean or to prevent damage.

Our professionals are always available to help you determine the packaging option that will work best for you. You can easily reach us by completing this form.


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