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Page layout computer programs make it easy to create a document on your computer that can be reproduced by commercial printers.

Most page layout programs solve many of the technical layout issues related to commercial printing.

The industry standard programs for page layout programs are Adobe InDesign and Quark Express.

The following guidelines are intended to help you set up the page/document size in your page layout program. Please refer to our list of templates in the template section of this website for more page layout information and dimensions.

Page Layout for multi page projects

The page/document size in your layout program should be set to the size of a single page in your document. This is known as the Page Size. Page size is used for estimating purposes as well. The page size may or may not be your Finished Size. The Flat Size of your project is measured with your document open flat on a table and should be double your page size.

  • Margins - multiple page documents should have a minimum of 1/4" margin on all sides. Any items that bleed (ink going all the way to the edge of a page) must extend past the edge a full 1/8" on the page.
  • Reader and Printer Spreads – Do not combine multiple pages into a spread. All artwork should be provided as single pages. We will set up the spread during the pre-press operation. It is fine to use the "readers spreads" feature of your layout program to view the pages together but please provide your finished design as single pages. Layout Procedures for single sheet projects

layoutThe page/document size in your page layout program should be set to the size of your document in its flat (unfolded) state. This is the Flat Size. The Page Size of single sheet projects will always be equal to the flat size. The Finished Size will be the size of your document when complete, folded, trimmed and delivered to you.

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are not page layout programs. These programs are used to create graphics to be used in the page layout programs listed above.

For other documents - including envelopes - please consult with your Metzgers printing professional for the preferred layout.

If you have any questions related to page layout, page layout computer programs or how page layout relates to commercially printed items, send our experts an email. We are here so you can get your job done! 

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