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personalizedPeople receive dozens of pieces of promotional messages each week. So how can you make your business' printed materials stand out? Metzgers' personalized URLs are the perfect marketing automation tool to catch the eye of customers.

These personalized landing pages help the individuals in your audience engage with your digital brand, which leads to making connections at the right time to build stronger relationships, moving buyers through the sales process faster, and managing marketing initiatives easily and efficiently. Personalized URLscan be easily integrated into print and digital marketing initiatives.

Here are the personalized URL basics:
Metzgers will generate a personalized URL for everyone on your mailing list, for example Then, that link can be featured in your marketing to drive each recipient to a specific URL on your website. Everyone on the list will be redirected to the same URL, but the personalization factor drives a higher response rate.

Your landing page can be set up to collect robust customer information, which can help you improve your customer database. You can drive traffic to your Appointments or Quote Request pages. You can even segment your mailing list to market specific products based on buying habits or customer interests.

Engaging buyers through this type of marketing automation tactic can help your sales team, as well. A recipient who visits the personalized URL can now be considered a hot lead for your sales team to follow up on. When marketing and sales work together efficiently and effectively, your business will see better results and faster growth.

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