Print Isn’t Dead, It Needs Disruption

print disruptionMarketing pundits have been preaching the death of print since the emergence and popularity growth of digital marketing, but print is far from dead.

In the Internet age, there's a unique opportunity for brands to stand out in non-digital formats. The key to successful print work is disruption.

What is disruptive print?
Disruptive print utilizes creativity to catch the audience's attention, wake up their senses and get them thinking.
You want your piece, whether it's direct mail, a catalog, or even a book cover, to call to your audience, engage them to investigate further, and drive them to take action.

Why disruptive print works
Disruptive print stands out. It looks different. It piques curiosity. Keeping your message simple prevents distraction and provokes a quick reaction.

How to be disruptive
The key to effective disruptive print is to keep it simple. Use bold colors, limited copy and innovative artwork to make a single statement or call-to-action.

There are hundreds of ways to present your message. Billboards, bus graphics, giant posters, life-size cut-outs are just a few. Consider your target audience and choose a method that jumps out in their sight-line or leaps off a table.
Overloading print ads with too much information or graphics is a distraction to the viewer instead of a compelling disruption.

Narrow your target
Successful businesses are killing the practice of purchased lists, mass mailings, and weak calls to action. New technology gives marketers a greater opportunity to capture data, narrowly segment their audience, and craft hyper-targeted messages. Combine a narrow target audience with a super-specific message, and you've got a piece that will get results.

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