Printing on Acrylic: The clear choice

Printing on AcrylicPrinting is so much more than words on paper.

At Metzgers, we have the ability and equipment to tackle every printing job you can imagine. And that includes what we print on. Have you ever thought about using reverse-printed transparent items to market your company? Here are some ways Metzgers can use acrylic to send your brand's message.

Signage: Acrylic can help your business' message stand out...literally. The three-dimensional quality of acrylic signs can draw attention more than a standard flat sign. They're also more durable than paper or fabric signs. And their versatility makes them the perfect fit for high-scale décor. You may not want to use a vinyl sign in your front lobby, but an acrylic sign adds class to your décor while reinforcing your brand image.

Photos: Bored with standard signs around the office? What if your décor could help tell your brand's story? Ever thought of a large acrylic portrait of your founders in the hallway? Photos of your products used as coasters in the conference room? Pictures are worth a thousand words. Metzgers can help turn any of your photos into marketing tools for your company.

Nameplates: Ditch those uninspired wood or metal nameplates. How about unique acrylic ones? In addition to names and titles, they can also sport your company's logo and slogan, reinforcing your brand's core messages to anyone who visits an employee's office.

Furnishings: Could your office doors display your company's slogan? Could the table in your board room list your best-selling products? Why not? Your office is a great place to market yourself, especially if you want to retain existing customers and sell them new products. Acrylic printing helps turn any surface into an opportunity to advertise your brand.

Got other ideas for acrylic? We'd love to hear them. Let us know how we can help turn your vision into reality. Contact us today!

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