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Unique Ways to Print / Die-Cut Business Folders

Tri-Fold Die-Cut Business FolderWhat comes to mind when you think about business folders?

You probably think about the folders your sales associates hand out to new customers, the kind that contain one-sheets about your company and your products and or services. That's primarily what businesses use folders for – to hold other printed information that their clients or customers will want or need to keep on file.

But they're also a marketing tool, designed to keep your customers thinking about your company, and there are thousands of ways to create a business folder that people want to open again and again.

Take the standard bi-fold folder, like those you used in school. It might have a pocket or two, but those pockets can be uniquely shaped, have business card holder cut-outs. The pockets can be gusseted, too, so they can hold thicker stock or more sheets.

We can also create tri-fold business folders with one, two, or three pockets, die-cut flaps, shaped cut-outs, and more.

If your printed materials have a long shelf life, or you're producing a limited-run business folder for new customer acquisitions, consider having your materials stitched into the folder to create a booklet-like folder.

We can emboss your business folders, too, to create visual and tactile interest on the cover, pockets, flaps or back cover.

If you've already got a design, we'll execute it to your specs. But the best business folders are designed with your goals in mind, so talk with our designers and let us develop a solution that will work for you, even on a tight budget.



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