Self-Mailer vs Envelope

There's a lot to consider when you're developing a piece for direct mail. What's your primary message? Do you have a secondary message? What action do you want the recipients to take?

The answers to each of these questions will help determine whether you should design your direct mail piece as a self-mailer or as a printed piece to be mailed in an envelope.

You should also consider the response rate you're trying to achieve. Some people believe that an envelope looks more personal, so it will have a higher open rate. Others feel that a self-mailer generates a better response because recipients can see the message and the graphics right away.


There are a variety of options when it comes to self-mailers. A folded postcard is the simplest example. The fold is secured with a sticker closure and the postage and address are printed on the back of the piece. To open the piece, the recipient simply has to break the seal.

You can also apply this practice to a small, multi-page catalog or coupon booklet. We can even build in a compartment for a flat insert.

And contrary to popular belief, you don't have to send an envelope mailer when you need your audience to send something back to you. We use a process called PFUGO, which stands for Perf Fold Unique Gluing Operation. This process allows us to create a detachable reply postcard or even a detachable reply envelope for RSVPs or donations.

Envelope mailer

Multi-page letters and other content-heavy projects are best suited for envelope mailing. Depending on your project, we can either machine assemble your envelope components or hand-stuff them.

One of the benefits of envelope mailing is the variety of options you have.

  • Envelope color
  • Envelope size
  • Envelope style

With envelope mailing, you can also conduct split testing to determine which envelope style, color and size yields best response rate for a particular project. You can even print graphics on the envelope to garner immediate attention.

Our experienced team will share their field-tested knowledge with you and help you decide whether self-mailers or envelope mailers are best for your direct mail campaign. Call 419-861-8611 to discuss your project today.



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