Short-run Book Printing

Short-run Book PrintingOnce upon a time you wrote a book. And it was a great book – a fictional masterpiece crammed with adventure, dripping with pointed political commentary and just a sprinkle of romance. The characters were charming and witty, sarcastic and gorgeous, vengeful and brilliant.

But no one knows about your book because you couldn't afford to publish it. Your mom thought it was great, though.

Enter short-run book printing. With a short-run printer, you can publish enough copies of your book to give to friends and family. Companies can order copies of a project to preview before a big order or distribute for a presentation.

Printers who offer short-run services don't require you to order hundreds of copies of your book, like the commercial offset printers do.

What's the difference? Short-run printing is digital. An offset printer uses printing plates and ink. Setting up the plates to publish a book takes more work and can cost thousands of dollars, so it wouldn't be worth it if you don't want thousands of copies. A digital printer uses a belt and toner, which can be set up and customized more easily, making it ideal for short runs.

The question now is: What are you waiting for? With short-run printers like Metzgers available for all of your printing needs, you have no more excuses. Give your book its happily-ever-after!



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